Abadi holds the provincial administration responsible for the deterioration of services and threatens the official responsible

Abadi holds the provincial administration responsible for the deterioration of services and threatens the official responsible for the lack of [expanded]

2018/7/25 0:07

Abadi holds the provincial administration responsible for the deterioration of services and threatens the official responsible(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the provincial administration responsible for the deterioration of services, threatening “the official who is failing to tolerate.”
“We continue our meetings with our people and citizens to listen to their demands and respond to them,” Abadi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday. “There are measures and executive treatments for water, electricity, health, education and other services, job creation for unemployed youth and others, Iraq’s provinces without exception “.
“My message to all Iraqis is that our duty is to serve the citizens, establish security and stability and fight terrorism, which still represents a real danger of the presence of terrorist cells and there are still terrorist elements on the Syrian side.
“The waste of state funds and the perpetuation of projects is a kind of corruption,” Abadi said, adding that “we have directly followed the water and electricity projects, inspected new projects and made field visits to learn about the obstacles to take Measures to remove them “.
He added that “the Provincial Reconstruction and Services Committee under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister is doing its duty in a field, and we directed the ministers concerned to go to the province of Basra to ensure the implementation of the decisions we have taken correctly and to dismantle the bottlenecks of electricity and water,” noting that “we look forward to cooperate with the provinces and citizens; And processing and activate the work in service projects and accelerate the completion of clear time and we want to exploit this stage to implement projects and provide services not previously implemented.
The Prime Minister that “a lot of service directorates have been transferred to the provinces in the past two years, namely health, education, municipalities, agriculture, youth, sports and social welfare and these districts were transferred with full financial allocations to the provinces have warned the provinces that the transfer of powers to them will cause a problem because it does not have The whole structure of the management of these institutions; but they said they can manage them and that’s what created the problem. ”
He added that “the transfer of powers to the provinces caused the creation of another problem is the allocation between the parties in the provincial councils, even at the level of school principals away from professional and correct work and this reflected negatively on citizens.”
Abadi pointed out that “we are not against the provinces but the provinces must do their duty to provide services to citizens and to absolve the federal government from default, but in the provinces a major imbalance in the provision of services because most services are responsible for them, and the claim that financial allocations do not exist is not true, Weak during the past years. ”
He added that “some provinces have adequate financial allocations, but there is mismanagement,” noting that “the biggest corruption we face is mismanagement and waste of state resources in the projects are incorrect; but we direct money to serve the citizen directly.”
The prime minister said that “part of our approach to challenge the law passed by the House of Representatives during the last session is that we did not know it and was silent in some paragraphs and when we followed the law we challenged him and the Federal Court suspended its implementation,” pointing out that “we do not want additions to new expenses, And the first amounts to go to citizens to improve their level of living and create jobs.
“When we took responsibility for the administration of services in the provinces, we have quickly added a large amount of electricity to the province of Basra and within the allocations of regional development,” he said.