UNHCR: Kirkuk first fraud, followed by Anbar

UNHCR: Kirkuk first fraud, followed by Anbar

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 11: 38 am

UNHCR - Kirkuk first fraud followed by AnbarBaghdad / Sky Press

A judge appointed in the Electoral Commission of Iraq, Kirkuk will be the highest change the results of the election followed by Anbar, noting that the completion of manual counting of funds questionable does not mean the elections have become fair.
Al-Arabi newspaper quoted the judge as saying that “the results of the process of manual counting and sorting of the ballot boxes will not be different, but there will be a slight change in the image of the blocks,” pointing out that “Kirkuk is the highest provinces of Iraq in that it bears a change in the order of the winning blocs, Only, followed by Anbar. ”

The judge, who asked not to be named, said that “However, the blocks will maintain their previous image in terms of sequence,” noting that “talk about the conquest, for example, will be in the first place and the rest will fall to the second place, not true at all.”

The judge said that “the completion of the counting and manual counting of funds questionable, does not mean that we have a fair election at all, fraud all the joints of the electoral process, starting to intimidate people or tempt them with money by the blocks, through blocking the arrival of ballot boxes to areas and facilitate access to others, And the purchase of the salaries of employees within the Electoral Commission in large amounts, and the mobilization of false voters and the manipulation of verification devices that burned and destroyed most of them in the fabricated incidents in Baghdad, ended by manipulating the voices of displaced persons in the camps and the voices of inmates of prisons and hospitals and members of the security forces.

The judge concluded by saying that “the results will appear soon, and sent to the judiciary, which will be ratified and then call for the first session of the new parliament headed by the oldest, and in which must be elected President of the parliament according to the Iraqi constitution.”