Fact-finding calls for election results to be thrown into the dustbin of history

Fact-finding calls for election results to be thrown into the dustbin of history


Fact-finding calls for election results to be thrown into the dustbin of historyThe fact-finding committee called for investigating the violations of the elections on Monday to throw the results of the elections that took place on May 12 into the dustbin of history. He pointed out that counting and sorting by hand would have been done correctly and transparent. 70%.

“The results of the current elections should be thrown into the dustbin of history so as not to remain a black point in the political history of Iraq,” said former committee chairman Adel Nuri in an interview with Alsumaria News. “These elections are a curse for the Iraqis and accept their results. On this country and we have to get rid of them quickly. ”

Nouri added that “the counting and sorting by hand if it was done correctly and transparent, we will see that the rate of fraud will exceed 65-70%, which means the abolition of elections and we believe that this road will be very long and we are in a constitutional vacuum,” stressing that “the right way is Shortening the road and effort and canceling the elections in full and considered a farce that should be eliminated immediately. ”

He pointed out that “we have doubts about the Commission’s encroachment on the law and surprised that it waited until the end of the life of parliament until the date of counting and sorting and manual counting will remain counting without any control, although the law has been voted since the sixth of June and the Judicial Council has since decided to nominate judges But he did not say when to start counting. ”

Nouri said that “the committee included in its report 13 sections of the doors of fraud that accompanied the elections and what followed and one of these doors was the rate of fraud is more than 3 million false votes out of ten and a half million votes, which represents the total number of votes participating in the elections, Stressing that “stores today live between fire and bombing and the work of a terrorist and do not know what will happen later.”

The Independent High Electoral Commission announced on Saturday (June 30, 2018), the start of the process of counting and sorting the hand of the results of the parliamentary elections next Tuesday (July 3, 2018), while decided to conduct the process of manual counting and counting of the full offices of the elections abroad.