Source: Jubouri leaves Iraq towards this destination for an important reason

Source: Jubouri leaves Iraq towards this destination for an important reason .. There will be a new session of parliament

2018/06/28 13:41

Source - Jubouri leaves Iraq towards this destination for an important reasonBaghdad today – special

A source familiar with the departure of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to Iraq minutes before the preparation of this news to a neighboring country, while stressing that the current parliament will not be reconvened and will end its current session on Saturday, 30 June.

The source said that “al-Jubouri left because he does not want to hold a new session of parliament in his presence or not to extend the work of the legislative authority due to strong political objections rejecting the proposal of the fourth amendment to the election law, which provided for the extension of the current parliament until the ratification of the results of the last election by the Federal Court after the end Manual counting process “.

“He traveled to a neighboring country and does not know whether he will return soon or whether he will wait for the announcement of the official results of the elections through the new electoral commission, whose judges are acting,” the source said.

He stressed the source informed that “the travel Jubouri does not mean the end of the political circle for being those who lost the election,” noting that “Jubouri of the leaders of Iraq and will be very active in the negotiations to form the next government.”

Before his departure, parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Thursday hinted at a retreat from extending the current parliament, while sending a letter to the judges.

“In the event that the House of Representatives does not vote on the first paragraph of the Fourth Amendment Law to the election law, the Council will end its session next Saturday,” Jubouri told a news conference.

The Speaker of the Parliament did not want to hold the special session, saying: “During the next two days if the Council found a necessity in holding this meeting, it will not shorten,” noting that “Parliament is keen to take into account the demands of the people.”

Jabouri sent an oral letter to the judges assigned to the work of the Board of Commissioners, calling on them to “take into account the appeals and the completion of this stage to acceptable and satisfactory results”.

And on the process of counting and sorting, he said Jubouri, “This process will begin next week.”