London newspaper: Five scenarios for the formation of the new government

London newspaper: Five scenarios for the formation of the new government

Thu, 28 Jun 2018 09:01:48

London newspaper - Five scenarios for the formation of the new governmentAl-Hayat newspaper said in a report, “There are five scenarios on the table, to form a new government.

The first goes to the meeting of the blocks of Sadr and Abadi and Allawi and a number of Kurdish forces and other small parties to announce the largest bloc that forms the government headed by Abbadi, an alliance leading the political situation, after the payment of the rest of the winners, such as (Fath) and (state law) to the opposition, “indicating that “This scenario is hampered by the possibility of collisions with the excluded parties, especially that it may require conditions imposed by Sadr, as Abadi withdrawal from the Dawa Party, and other imposed by the Sunni and Kurdish parties, produce a government more vulnerable than the previous one.

“And the second scenario, he goes to the alliance of Abadi with al-Maliki and the (conquest), and the polarization of Sunni and Kurdish forces to form the largest bloc, and push Sadr to the opposition,” noting that “this is not easy also, because it is difficult to return to the collection of Abadi and Maliki in One bloc, not to mention their meeting with the armed factions winning, which clashes with Abadi before the elections. ”

“The third scenario is borrowed from the mechanism of forming the 2014 government, where the Shiite forces meet within the scope of what is known as the National Alliance to form the largest bloc and nominate the prime minister, an option that might dismantle both Sadr and Abadi lists, both Sunni and secular Alliance on a sectarian basis. ”

The fourth scenario, according to the newspaper, it “combines Sadr and Abadi and Ameri in one alliance is the largest bloc, as this alliance responds to the conditions of Sadr not to ally with al-Maliki on the one hand, and achieves flexibility in dealing with the armed forces pushed by the elections to the forefront,” indicating that ” Remains a final scenario, is the success of Maliki and al-Ameri form an alliance with Sunnis and Kurds, which is unlikely in the light of the results of both parties.