Newspaper: Abadi coalition insists on a manual recount of these reasons

Newspaper: Abadi coalition insists on a manual recount of these reasons


Newspaper - Abadi coalition insists on a manual recount of these reasonsAl-Hayat newspaper said on Sunday that the victory coalition led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi insisted on recounting the votes manually to get at least 5 seats after canceling the voices of the displaced and abroad.

The newspaper quoted sources, followed by “Trend Press,” that “the list of victory, headed by Abbadi rely mainly on the manual recount of votes and the cancellation of elections abroad, which can be granted according to the calculations of members of the list at least 5 additional seats, and seems to dispute the results The elections and the fraud that have plagued it, will be the most sensitive factor in the upcoming negotiations to form the next government. ”

According to the newspaper, “Abadi had announced his rejection of the re-election, and appears in addition to the leader of the rule of law, Nuri al-Maliki, the most enthusiastic to proceed with the procedures to scrutinize the results, as Maliki announced recently that he will not engage in negotiations to form a government before the completion of the procedures to verify accusations of rigging the results of the ballot, .

She noted that “is still uncertain about the position of the Federal Supreme Court of the amendment introduced by the Iraqi parliament on the election law, including the abolition of elections abroad and conditional voting, and the imposition of manual counting and sorting, in addition to the appointment of a judicial committee to oversee the count.

The newspaper added, according to sources, that “the Court of Cassation, which is in charge of considering hundreds of appeals filed in the ballot from different lists, no decision, prompting some observers to expect the link of the court to issue judgments of the Federal Court’s response to the appeals submitted by the law of the last parliament, The Federal Court’s approval of the law of Parliament will mean that there is no need to issue appeals decisions until the completion of the manual counting process. ”

As for Abadi’s invitation to hold a high-level political meeting after the Eid, the sources said that “Abadi received assurances from most other forces in the presence of the meeting, which required forces such as Al-Fath and Surson to specialize in examining the file of the government program, while the block of state law, Rigging elections “.