Planning Australia calls for Iraq’s support to join the WTO

Planning Australia calls for Iraq’s support to join the WTO


Planning Australia calls for Iraq's support to join the WTOBaghdad
called on the Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade Agency, Salman al – Jumaili, on Wednesday, the Australian Ambassador to support Iraq in its efforts to join the World Trade Organization.

“The Minister of Planning and Trade Minister, Salman Jumaili, met with the Australian Ambassador to Iraq, Joan Lundes. The meeting was attended by Trade Undersecretary Haitham Al-Khashali and the Director General of Foreign Relations in the Ministry. .

During the meeting, they discussed prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries in a number of fields, particularly trade, investment, agricultural, cultural and scientific relations.

“Iraq is now a stabilizing factor in the region and therefore it is a promising investment environment that can attract many companies and investors to take advantage of these opportunities,” Jumaili said.

He pointed out that “the bilateral relations between the two countries in a steady development, because Australia is one of the important sources of wheat supply to Iraq and there are good prospects to strengthen these relations through increasing the volume of trade exchange, and to benefit from Australian capabilities in support of the Iraqi government’s efforts in the reconstruction and upgrading services Introduction to Citizens and Development of Agriculture “.

Al-Jumaili pointed out that “Iraq is dealing with all countries on the basis of equality of relations within the network of interests governed by international law,” calling on the Australian side to “support Iraq in its bid to join the World Trade Organization, which is so important in facilitating the movement of trade and goods within the Trade Agreement Global “.

For her part, Australian Ambassador Lundis expressed “the readiness of her government to provide all kinds of support for Iraq, which represents an important economic, geographic and political weight in the region and the world,” adding that “Australia will provide possible support for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization.”