Sadr has no luck with his new alliance: expectations of failure

Sadr has no luck with his new alliance: expectations of failure

Sunday 10 June 2018 06:59 PM

Sadr has no luck with his new alliance - expectations of failureBAGHDAD / The security concern is still another engine of events in the country. After the explosion of an ammunition depot, which has not yet been known, which led to dozens of civilian casualties and the destruction of dozens of houses, Sadr urged the government to launch a ” (Mushrooms) to declare Sadr City a demilitarized city, and then the generalization to the rest of the regions.

Sadr seeks at the same time to arrange his political home, referring to Ammar al-Hakim and Iyad Allawi. In this context, a member of the Political Bureau of the current wisdom Nofal Abu Raghef that the agreement signed by the representatives of the current, and the alliance of others, and the National Alliance may not be achieved because of disagreement on some of the outlines of the next stage.

Abu Ragheef said in an interview: “The alliance of the majority patriarchal may not be achieved, an alliance to form the largest blocs in parliament, in order to form a government, and this expectation comes after studying the fundamental points of disagreement that emerged before the announcement of the formation of the coalition officially.

“It is not necessarily that all the things that will be written are verifiable, but if they are implemented in agreement with the other blocs, they must be adhered to, but such agreements are achieved at the beginning but they do not last.”

On the Arab coverage of the movements of Sadr, a report published by the newspaper “Life” on Sunday, highlighted the chances of the alliance declared between the lists, “Sauron” led by Moqtada al-Sadr, “national” led by Iyad Allawi, and stream “wisdom” led by Ammar al-Hakim, to reach understandings Clear to form the largest bloc in parliament.

The newspaper said in its report that “the promotion of the formation of the nucleus of the largest bloc announced last Thursday, a tripartite alliance between Sadr and Allawi and Hakim did not last long, was destroyed by a statement from the leader of the National Coalition, which denied the agreement on an alliance that combines his coalition with other allies and wisdom.

The report added that Allawi, announced that what has been circulated in the media as the text of an alliance agreement, it is only understandings can represent a working paper between the lists signed by, while stressed that the next government should be approved by all the winning regulations.

For his part, said a member of the coalition, “national” Muthanna al-Samarrai in a statement to meet “Eye of Iraq News”, “At a time we confirm our support for all endeavors to find a national consensus away from the sectarian confinement suffered by Iraq over the past 15 years and caused disasters and disasters, The hands of the political blocs to rally their factions and come out bloc University to achieve the national project, which is going to Iraq towards safety, and we confirm our position on the agreement between the National Coalition and the Alliance and other stream of national wisdom.

He added that “any coalition going in the direction of the formation of the largest bloc that will emerge from the next government, must be approved by all the deputies of the National Coalition after consultation, in order to reach a clear and explicit formula operates in accordance with the principle of national partnership in which everyone is responsible for the decision without evasion or denial “He said.

The newspaper “New Arab”, in a report quoting a deputy for the National Alliance, “The differences of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, with the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, and with the Sadikun bloc, the 15 seats in the alliance Fatah, contributed significantly The formation of a rival camp for the Sadr, “noting that” Maliki could exploit this formation of this camp, and close to the opening, with other alliances small to collect 94 deputies. ”

He explained that “the alliance of the rule of law has 25 deputies, and Fatah 47, they are on a good understanding with the Baghdad Alliance, which has 14 seats, and the will of 3 seats, and competencies of two seats, and the public two seats,” noting that “this number of seats created two camps, Any lines of convergence, the camp of al-Maliki and the Sadr camp. ”

He added that “the two camps today continue their efforts to attract the alliance of slaves to achieve the quorum of the Great Bloc,” adding that “this conflict gave Abadi more opportunity to strengthen his position, and impose conditions on both sides for greater gains.”

He added that “the state of law began to contact with the alliance Abadi, exceeding all the conditions and intersections between them, that Maliki and al-Ameri do not intend to run for prime minister and are today talking to Abadi, who strongly clings to a second mandate, as well as other conditions,” adding that ” Maliki is not the third, either the loss of the formation of the major bloc, or accept the conditions of slaves, so the second solution is easier for him.

In turn, journalist Mohamed Shafiq saw that things are still stuck because of the return to manual counting and sorting. “There are many concerns, generated after the return to the counting and hand counting of the votes of the voters in the legislative elections, especially the forgers and manipulators of the results has been a lot of repercussions, and reactions may be violent, such as resorting to the street.”

He pointed out that “the results will change significantly, there are some candidates talk that the results will change by 50 percent, especially in Anbar, which was exposed to the tsunami of fraud on the event of the expression of some candidates, and may be a deal between the beneficiaries and affected by the decisions of Parliament.

The alliance of Ssron (Alliance of Sadr and the Communists and the civil stream) and the stream of wisdom, and the National Coalition, signed last Friday on the Charter of General Principles in preparation for an official alliance between them, they have collected 94 seats, the first 54, and 19, and the third 21, End quote