“Abadi” is the “strongest” player in the competition and his great opportunity enables him to impose conditions on two alliances

“Abadi” is the “strongest” player in the competition and his great opportunity enables him to impose conditions on two alliances

Sunday, 10 June 2018 at 10:03 am

Abadi is the strongest player in the competition and his great opportunity enables him to impose conditions on two alliancesFollow-up / Sky Press

Has turned the dialogues to form a large bloc to form the next Iraqi government, to the fierce competition between the two camps, has been able to “rule of law,” Nuri al-Maliki, exploit the differences of the leader of the alliance, “Sawson” Moqtada al-Sadr, with him and with part of the conquest alliance and other parties, (Al-Nasr), who became the strongest player in this competition, and who gave a great opportunity to impose their conditions on them and adhere to the post of the next prime minister.

In a report to the new Arab newspaper said that, a deputy for the National Alliance, said that “differences between the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr with the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, and with the block of Asaib al-Haq, the 15 seats in the alliance Fatah, contributed significantly to the formation of a rival camp Sadr, “noting that” Maliki was able to exploit this formation of this camp, and close to the opening, with other alliances small to collect 94 deputies. ” He explained that “the coalition of state law (Maliki) has 25 deputies, and Fatah (popular crowd) 47, and they have a good understanding with the Baghdad Alliance, which has 14 seats, and the will of 3 seats, and competencies of two seats, and the public two seats,” noting that ” Created two rival camps, which have no lines of rapprochement, namely the al-Maliki camp and the Sadr camp. ”

He added that “the two camps today continue their efforts to attract the alliance of Abbadi (victory), to achieve the quorum of the Great Bloc,” adding that “this conflict gave Abadi more opportunity to strengthen his position, and impose conditions on both sides for greater gains.” He added that “the state of law began to make contacts with the alliance of Abadi (victory), exceeding all conditions and intersections between them, as al-Maliki today acknowledged that the post of the next prime minister does not have, as well as the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri, and today they clash with Abadi, , As well as other conditions. ” He pointed out that “the options presented to Maliki’s coalition are not the third, either the loss of the formation of the Great Bloc, or accept the conditions of Abadi, so the second solution is easier for him.”

The alliance of Sadr, the Communists and the civil movement, and the wisdom (Ammar al-Hakim) and the national (Iyad Allawi), signed on Friday a charter of general principles in preparation for an official alliance between them, they gathered 94 seats, the first 54, and 19, and the third 21, while Abadi did not attend the meeting blocks.

For his part, MP for the Patriotic Alliance, Abdul Karim Abtan, told the “new Arab”, that “so far there is no final agreement between patriotism and others and wisdom on the mass bloc, as the issue of the Great Bloc needs to agree on the post of head of the next government, what The subject is under discussion and research, “noting that” we do not have any red lines on the alliance of Abadi or any other alliance, and there was an important dialogue between Abadi and national

He pointed out that “the issue of the formation of the Great Bloc needs more dialogues, there is no mass that can win the majority, the blocs are close to the disparities, which made it more difficult,” stressing that “Nationalism continues its dialogue seriously, and hope to overcome the obstacles.” The alliance “Asron” that “the announcement of the formation of the mass bloc will be after the ratification of the election results.” The leader of the alliance, Hassan al-Janabi of the “new Arab”, that “there are no differences and large intersections between the worshipers and worshipers, and that the rapprochement between them and national alliances and wisdom, is part of the ongoing dialogues to form a large bloc,” noting that ” The three blocs do not mean boycotting them. ”

He added that “our discussions with Abadi continued, and there are great understandings between us, and that others are not sticking to the post of prime minister, as much as the formation of a government of technocrats,” stressing that “the formation of the major bloc will not be without Saheron, and will be announced after the ratification of the election results.” He pointed out that “the challenge of the election results will not affect the dialogues are going, the alliance will not lose, if not winning new seats, it is the closest coalition of the people.”

Observers confirmed that “Abadi is the biggest winner, through the intensification of competition and convergence between the camps of Maliki and Sadr.” The political expert Ziad al-Tai, the “new Arab”, that “neither of the two camps can form a large bloc without the inclusion of the alliance of slaves, which gave him a great opportunity to dictate his conditions.” He explained that “Abadi seeks to achieve his gains, whether with Maliki or with Sadr, but closer to the chest in any case, and this obligates Maliki to make additional concessions to the slaves for the sake of winning,” stressing that “I do not rule out the alliance of the latter, What he wants. ” It is noteworthy that the largest parliamentary bloc, can not be formed only through the alliance of a group of blocks, to get a total of the number of seats not less than 165 seats, then eligible to nominate the head of the next government.