Fouad Masoum enters the “crisis line” on the results of the election .. Collect signatures for “dismissal”

Fouad Masoum enters the “crisis line” on the results of the election .. Collect signatures for “dismissal”

Friday, June 01 2018 at 10: 14 am

Fouad Masoum enters the crisis line on the results of the election .. Collect signatures for dismissalFollow-up / Sky Press

President Fuad Masoum entered the crisis line with regard to the results of the elections when he sent to the Federal Court a constitutional challenge to the parliament’s decision to force the commission to cancel the elections abroad and to manually count and count 10 percent of the ballot boxes, prompting deputies to collect signatures to dismiss him. That his move comes in support of the political party to which he belongs, the “Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,” which accused him yesterday, the former leader Barham Saleh to carry out systematic fraud in Sulaymaniyah.

Al-Hayat newspaper said in a report that the Commission rejected the elections in Iraq, the recent decisions of the parliament, and its chairman, Maen Haithawi said in a press conference yesterday that “the Commission will not respond to the decision of parliament to cancel part of the election results and the counting and manual counting of 10 percent of the ballot boxes, That the decision is contrary to the law in force, and that the Commission will wait for a decision of the Federal Supreme Court in this regard.

The position of the Commission coincided with an appeal filed by the President infallible to the Federal Court by the decisions of the Parliament, which led the deputies to begin to collect signatures to dismiss the Iraqi president, who is accused by Kurdish political forces, in addition to the “Kurdistan Democratic Party” led by Massoud Barzani, the practice of fraud.

“The head of state and the symbol of the unity of the country, represents the sovereignty of the country and ensures the commitment of the constitution, so that the presidency of the republic is responsible for following up and monitoring everything that contradicts the principles of the constitution and the laws in force.” He said the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives: «generated doubts about the unconstitutionality of this meeting … As for the decision of the Council of Ministers to form a high commission to investigate irregularities and breaches, he inquired the Office of the President of the Federal Court on the extent of the constitutionality of this committee, which is believed to work and contradict with Principles of separation of powers ». But he said: «does not deny the presidency and does not confirm the possibility of manipulation of the electoral process and the ballot».