Sadr reveals the features of an agreement to form a new Iraqi government

Sadr reveals the features of an agreement to form a new Iraqi government


Sadr reveals the features of an agreement to form a new Iraqi governmentThe leader of the “Sadrist movement”, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, completed finishing touches on the next Iraqi government, stressing that he will consult reference on them, while the head of the “Arab project in Iraq,” Khamis Khanjar, to Baghdad, for political consultations.
“Today I have completed the picture, I have completed the final touches, and I have satisfied you with the government, not Sunni or Shiite, Arab or Kurdish, nor national or sectarian, but an authentic Iraqi government,” Sadr said in a tweet at his own account on Twitter. .

Sadr said that he “will consult the religious reference and the tribes and the great classes of the people, and then wait for the masses of fair national-oriented to form a strong government, which gives the people’s rights, and cruel punishment severe punishment.”

Sadr returned to Najaf after a series of interviews with a number of political blocs to form the largest parliamentary bloc, at a time when the data indicate a great rapprochement between him and the alliance, “victory”, headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, where talks are talking about great understandings between Sadr and Abadi , To form the next government.

Sadr returned to Najaf after a series of dialogues conducted with a number of political blocs, to form the largest parliamentary bloc

In this context, the spokesman for the coalition, “victory,” Hussein al-Adli, in a press statement, “There are understandings and agreement between the alliance,” victory “and” Sorrow, “on the foundations and principles of the next phase, to form a government,” noting that ” Who collected the head of the alliance, “victory” Haidar Abadi and the leader of the alliance, “Saroon” Moqtada al-Sadr was positive, and witnessed a convergence of views. ”

Al-Adly stressed that “the meeting was agreed on a roadmap for the next phase, and can be considered the first to form the largest bloc that will form the government,” noting that “there is a great openness to the rest of the forces, where a lot of dialogues have been held, and understandings are still ongoing at all levels “He said.

He stressed “the lack of a veto on the assumption of Abadi as the next prime minister,” with “the absence of an official candidate for the post until the moment.”

In the meantime, announced in Baghdad the arrival of a number of Iraqi political figures who left the country for years during the period of the government of Nuri al-Maliki, notably Khamis Khanjar.

According to Iraqi political sources spoke to the “new Arab”, the leader of the coalition, “decision” Khamis Khanjar, to Baghdad, late in the evening yesterday, in addition to the arrival of other political figures not disclosed.

According to the same sources, the move comes at the initiative of the UN envoy to Iraq, Jan Kubic, who prepared for reconciliation meetings, in conjunction with consultations to form the Iraqi government.