Kuwait looks forward to a long-term partnership with Iraq

Kuwait looks forward to a long-term partnership with Iraq

29/03/2018 01:50

Kuwait looks forward to a long-term partnership with IraqTrend Press / Continue

Chairman of the Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs of the Kuwaiti Parliament Salah Khorshid, on Thursday, expressed hope that the new draft law for the city of silk and development of the islands, or the so-called ” Vision 2035″ to the Finance Committee in the third week of April, revealing at the same time about That the First Deputy Prime Minister Nasser Al-Sabah will take over the task of explaining the government’s program of action before the National Assembly during the session next Wednesday, reviewing some aspects of the vision based on regional partnerships with individual Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Turkey .

He said Khorsh hand in a statement carried by Al – Rai Kuwaiti and followed the “direction Press” that ” vision Kuwait 2035 is the vision of the Emir of the country and will be provided through a bill, and the current draft law to withdraw regarding the Silk City and the development of the islands, which will be part of the vision, pointing out that On the ” confidence that the person entrusted with this task and this file, which Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah has the ability to implement and the status of daughters, who is the right person for it .”

Khurshid explained that ” the draft law is being drafted in the Supreme Planning Council and will be finalized soon. The Economic Society will hold a conference in mid April to review the vision and determine the legislative requirements for it. This vision to the National Assembly, hoping that it will be in the third week of April . ”

Khurshid pointed out that “the vision will be concerned with comprehensive development projects in the various sectors of investment, education, entertainment, housing and sports, based on regional partnerships with individual countries of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which will entail the implementation of economic and development benefits for all, especially that the infrastructure of this vision was configured from During the presence of Mubarak Port and Jaber Bridge . ”

Khurshid added that ” this project will need legislative requirements that the Council will undoubtedly provide for this renaissance process, which will create job opportunities for 200,000 Kuwaiti citizens, will diversify sources of income, address the imbalances of the single-state budget , and provide the welfare state.”

At the same time , the Kuwaiti Minister of Water and Electricity, Bakhit al-Rashidi, revealed on Thursday that Kuwait and Iraq are very close to concluding the final agreement for the import of Iraqi gas, hoping that this will be done within the next two months, pointing out that the details will not be a problem after the conclusion of the final agreement, Between the two sides about the price .

Al- Rashidi said that “the final agreement will be concluded in April next to coincide with the upcoming visit of the Iraqi Minister of Oil to Kuwait,” wishing that “there will be a final agreement on this subject during the next two months as we seek to have a sound basis as for details, there will be no problem “He said.

On the meeting with the Iraqi side on the electric connection, Al-Rashidi explained that “Iraq is the gate of Kuwait to Europe, so we discuss as countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council with Iraq to have an electric connection with Iraq as a first point and then to Turkey and then link with Europe to be linked The global electrical network, which is considered a strategic dimension of the network .