Parliamentary Finance: The budget needs the intervention of the Federal Court to end the dispute

Parliamentary Finance: The budget needs the intervention of the Federal Court to end the dispute

Wednesday 28 March 2018 | 10:27 am

Parliamentary Finance - The budget needs the intervention of the Federal Court to end the disputeBAGHDAD / The Federal Finance Committee confirmed on Wednesday that the Federal Budget Law now requires the intervention of the Federal Court to resolve the ongoing dispute between the Presidency of the Republic, the Parliament and the Government.

The committee member Ahmed Hama told “Iraq News” that “the Presidency of the Republic, the Federal Budget Law to Parliament on 13 of this month to intercept 21 articles in accordance with our meeting with the adviser to the President yesterday, he made clear that there is a determination of the President not to vote on The budget without modifying the articles objected, which includes violations of constitutional and legal, “noting that” the re-budget by the Presidency of the Parliament to the presidency without an amendment, did not put a solution to divorce because the two parties are not responsible for the amendment, but the amendment comes from the government. ”

He added that “this dispute between the three authorities and the lack of responsibility of Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic to make an amendment to the draft budget, it requires the provision of an explanation to the Federal Court by one of the deputies and therefore is the one to decide the matter and resolve the dispute and accelerate the end of the debate on the draft budget.”

On March 13, President Fuad Masoum rejected the 2018 budget and ordered it to be returned to the House of Representatives.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement that infallible “decided to return the draft (the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018) and voted by the Council on 3/3/2018, to the House of Representatives for the revision of form and content of the constitutional, legal and financial, The existence of about 31 points intersect with the legislation in force. ”

The Bureau explained that “the re-budget came after the experts and legal and financial advisers studied and scrutinized in detail to diagnose the most important constitutional, legal and financial irregularities of some of the articles or items or paragraphs that need to be addressed before ratification as well as to address any imbalance in its formulations.

The House of Representatives decided in its meeting on Monday, the re-law of the federal budget for the year 2018 to the Presidency of the Republic.

The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies .. Ended 3