Allawi’s coalition reveals the date of passing the budget of 2018 all 48 articles

Allawi’s coalition reveals the date of passing the budget of 2018 all 48 articles

2018/03/02 13:11

Allawis coalition reveals the date of passing the budget of 2018 all 48 articlesBaghdad today – Baghdad

The National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, on Friday, the existence of an agreement to pass the budget 2018 in a meeting on Saturday, all 48 items.

The MP for the coalition Abdul Karim Abtan (Baghdad today) that “there are two points of succession within the remaining items to be resolved in the meeting on Saturday, which are grades of the retired military contracts and the share of provinces affected by the military operations of compensation,” noting that “the budget of 2018 Will continue in tomorrow’s session. ”

Abtan said that “the agreement to pass the budget 2018 was between most parties and political parties, and pass the budget is in the interest of the homeland and the citizen, away from personal reconciliation or political or electoral.”

The head of the security committee in parliament, the governor of Zamili, earlier in the day, the approval of the parliament to add 50 thousand degrees and functional budget in 2018, to the Ministries of Defense and Interior.

Zamili, on his official Facebook page, said he had submitted a request to the Speaker of the House of Representatives “to include the paragraph of the return of the dismissed and the broken contracts in the budget and got approval for the degree and will be read tomorrow.”

According to the document, which was attached to Zamili in its publication, the Ministry of Defense received 34 thousand degrees of functional, while the Ministry of the Interior received 15 thousand degrees, while the anti-terrorism device received a thousand degrees of functional.

And the failure of parliament to pass the budget during its meeting yesterday, but voted on 12 of them, out of about 48 articles, before breaking the quorum, and withdraw the Kurdish deputies from the session, because of the inclusion of the budget on the agenda of the meeting.

On Thursday evening, the efforts of the three presidents failed to reach a final agreement on the budget, having held a meeting of its own, in the presence of the Finance Committee in parliament.