America: Our troops will remain in Iraq “indefinitely” to prevent the fight “calling” on our territory

America: Our troops will remain in Iraq “indefinitely” to prevent the fight “calling” on our territory

Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 12: 00 pm

America - Our troops will remain in Iraq indefinitely to prevent the fight calling on our territoryFollow-up / Sky Press

US officials have confirmed that their forces in Syria and Iraq will remain “indefinitely” to prevent their war on American soil, following recent statements that a daunting defeat does not mean the end, and that some of its fugitives from Iraq and Syria could threaten US interests in the region.

President Donald Trump told congressional leaders from both parties that he did not need a mandate for US troops to stay in areas in the Middle East, where White House officials said that “the constant danger of a fugitive provides us with a legal explanation for keeping our troops in Syria And Iraq indefinitely. ”

“As in the past, we withdrew our troops ahead of time, and the problems are complicated,” said David Trangberg, the deputy secretary of defense for political affairs, in a letter to Congress after questions about the date of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Iraq. “We are waiting to repeat that, Control over the areas he controlled, or some of them. ”

“We are not looking for an argument to fight the Syrian government or the forces that Iran supports in Syria, but at the same time we will not hesitate to use the necessary force,” Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs Mary Waters wrote in a letter to congressional leaders. , To protect our forces there, coalition forces, and the coalition forces that work with us to defeat and to undermine the influence of Al Qaeda. ”

“The insistence of President Trump and senior administration officials that there is a legal argument to keep US troops in Iraq and Syria is only a weak argument over a weak argument,” said Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith.