Al-Abadi’s alliance is concerned about electoral fraud

Al-Abadi’s alliance is concerned about electoral fraud

Friday, February 23, 2018 at 13:29 pm

Al-Abadis alliance is concerned about electoral fraudBaghdad / Sky Press

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s coalition is afraid of fraud in the parliamentary elections scheduled for May 12 due to the dominance of political parties over the election commission.

“The UNHCR leadership has conducted a series of dubious changes in a number of its local administrations and has handed over close associates of executive executive parties, allowing them to directly influence the results of the elections,” they say.

“The prime minister has refused to nominate any of his allies to fill a seat on the board of governors, which is controlled by influential Iraqi parties,” Abadi said. “But the opponents of Abbadi say they have no representatives in this council,” the newspaper said.

Abadi warned the election commission of “illegal dealing with the parties.” Although the prime minister did not provide further details, observers confirmed that he was offering the political implications of the members of the Board of Commissioners.

“Abadi pre-empts the official preparations for the elections by cutting off the road to the parties so that they do not think about using their influence within the Commission to change the results,” they say.