Al-Abbadi Advisor: Kuwait conference a solid start to attract global investment

Al-Abbadi Advisor: Kuwait conference a solid start to attract global investment

February 16, 2018 1:07 PM

Al-Abbadi Advisor - Kuwait conference a solid start to attract global investmentIraqi Position Network

The prime minister’s adviser on economic affairs, Mohammed Saleh, said Friday that the recent investment donors’ conference in Kuwait is a good beginning to attract global investment to Iraq after its historic victory over terrorism.

Saleh said in an interview with the “Iraqi position” that the Kuwait conference is a positive sign of openness to the world and keeping abreast of the reconstruction and global investment and turning Iraq into a fertile investment environment, pointing out that the stages of long-term reconstruction and subject to strategies depends on success combined with all internal efforts.

Saleh said during his speech that the Kuwait conference with its outputs and details will eliminate the bureaucratic obstacles hindering investment in the country and the adoption of international investment laws that cut the way for all attempts of corruption and extortion as well as the role of the government in securing the investment environments of the global investing companies.

Saleh ruled out the impact of future government changes on the investment plans adopted by the countries and companies investing in the country, subject to strict rules and legal mechanisms guaranteeing all parties their rights.

The conference of investment donors in Kuwait concluded last Wednesday with the participation of 70 countries and 1838 investment companies and the conference came out with several recommendations and outputs, most notably Iraq gave 30 billion dollars for reconstruction and construction in areas affected by terrorist operations and events.