A deputy reveals the conditions of major international investment companies to enter Iraq and warns of pressure to return US troops

A deputy reveals the conditions of major international investment companies to enter Iraq and warns of pressure to return US troops

2018/02/12 15:04 682

A deputy reveals the conditions of major international investment companies to enter Iraq and warns of pressure to return US troopsBaghdad today _ special

The deputy of the coalition of state law, Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi, on Monday, the conditions of foreign companies in exchange for Iraq’s investment.

Al-Saadawi said in an interview with Baghdad today that “foreign joint companies have stipulated in the donor conference for the reconstruction of Iraq the presence of US troops to protect them in Iraq.”

“These conditions are part of a plan to keep US troops in their bases, even though the conference is free of any money given to Iraq,” he said, noting that “Kuwait is one of the countries that has not exercised its right to cancel its debts to Iraq.”

He pointed out that “there are 22 billion dollars in the hands of the Iraqi government of Kuwait, and did not note there is an initiative by the Kuwaiti authorities to cancel the debt despite the end of the era of the tyrant Saddam and change the regime.”

On Monday, the International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq began in Kuwait, with the participation of a number of donor countries and a group of international and regional organizations to collect the necessary contributions and assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq after the defeat of the terrorist organization .

“The conference, which will be held under the chairmanship of five parties – the European Union, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Nations and the World Bank – reflects the commitment of the international community to the importance of stability in Iraq and the liquidation of the legacy of this organization, ” the newspaper said.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said that his country expects a high contribution to this conference, announcing a follow-up mechanism to motivate donor countries to abide by the pledges announced at this conference .

“The expectations of this conference are high and reflect the determination of the international community to help Iraq regain its health and prosperity,” the newspaper quoted al-Khalid as saying. “The meeting of the international coalition in the war against Da’ash will take place in Kuwait after the conclusion of the reconstruction conference .”

He added that “the message of this conference that the international community that stood by Iraq in its war against terrorism continues today to support the Iraqis in their quest to promote stability in their country,” adding that “there are more than 74 donor institutions from different countries of the world participate in this conference in addition to “Over the past months, international reconstruction experts have worked side by side with the Iraqi government to draw up plans for reconstruction projects, and more than 1,050 private sector actors are seeking to contribute to the international effort to rebuild the areas affected by the war on terrorism in Iraq .”

He added that “Kuwait worked with Iraq to organize this conference because it is in the interest of Kuwait, as well as the interest of the world that Iraq has stability,” noting that “the Iraqi government is leading the reconstruction projects and is keen to include projects all areas affected without exception, Comprehensive reconstruction map and we are working with it . ”

“The Iraqi government has worked with the World Bank to prepare for this conference, and we are monitoring the size of the large demand from international companies to participate and to get opportunities to contribute to projects as evidence of the importance of this conference,” said Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah .

“The conference will include the participation of the private sector to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq as well as the participation of the World Bank as a major contributor to the conference in order to provide the required investment guarantees for companies and private sector institutions to participate in the development of Iraq .”

She added: “The Iraqi delegation participating in the conference activities agenda on three main axes is reconstruction and investment and support the stability of the country and promote peaceful coexistence between different segments of Iraqi society .”

Mahdi al-Alak, Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and head of the Iraqi team to prepare for the reconstruction conference of Iraq yesterday during a meeting with media that “the conference will objectively and transparently the effects of crime and the destruction of infrastructure and economic and service facilities .”

“We now begin our dream of rebuilding what has been destroyed in all of Iraq’s provinces, especially after Iraq sacrificed its children to drive evil from the rest of the world, ” he said.

“High-level delegates, representatives of the private sector and investment companies from the United States, Britain, France, Italy, China, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan and Venezuela are participating in the conference, ” he said.

The first day of the conference will discuss the damage caused by the war and the needs to address it, as well as projects to support stability, community reconciliation and peaceful coexistence .

Today, the NGO Conference to Support the Humanitarian Situation in Iraq, which aims to discuss the latest humanitarian situation and response efforts, coincides with Kuwait’s hosting of the International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction .

The second conference, entitled “NGO Conference to Support the Humanitarian Situation in Iraq,” will discuss the support of stability and response to immediate needs in the presence of about 70 delegates from charities, Iraqi and Arab civil society organizations and a number of representatives of the concerned parties .

The third conference, “Invest in Iraq”, will be attended by representatives of hundreds of companies, including a large qualitative exhibition in which a group of public companies affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Minerals, Ministries and others will participate to present investment proposals in this regard .

“The international participation and the participation of Kuwaiti and Arab charities and international companies in addition to the global coverage of the conference is proof of its universality, ” the head of the Supreme Information Committee of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq,

He added that he is confident that various companies will be convinced that Iraq will provide documents and assurances that the investment will benefit the Iraqi people, the stability of Iraq and the wisdom of the Iraqi government to overcome all obstacles to global investment .

He added that “the State of Kuwait and the initiative of the Supreme Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah hosted this conference after the amount of massive destruction and displacement in Iraq ” .

He stressed that “the focus should be on projects to be submitted by companies and the entry of the Iraqi government in joint cooperation with these companies and governments,” noting that “payments in kind will be entrusted to the public benefit societies and Kuwaiti, Islamic and international charities.”