Economic parliamentary: Remove zeros from the Iraqi currency end of next year

21/02/2012 12:27

Erbil, February 21 (Rn) – denied Decision Economic Committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Tuesday, told a House of Iraqis on the issuance of currency, a new Iraqi in the month of September next. The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, Mahma Khalil, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn ) that “the process of issuing new Iraqi currency will start at the end of 2013, where they will be removing three zeros and write in English, Arabic and Kurdish.” Khalil added that “the Economic Commission representative held up to now, several meetings with the Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the issuance of currency, a new Iraqi” . He explained that “the new currency will contain several categories, as a group of 50 fils, quarter of a dinar, half dinar, one dinar, five dinars 0.25 dinars, 50 dinars.” He pointed out that “the aim of this step and the issuance of new currency, is to raise the value of the dinar Iraq so that is equal to the value of the U.S. dollar. ” and stressed that equal the value of Iraqi dinar with the U.S. dollar, based on increasing the balance of the dinar and the availability of monetary reserves, a high level of the Iraqi economy and the sale of oil and gas and the capacity of the state, in addition to the efforts of the Iraqi Central Bank aimed at the strengthening of the dinar in the future . ” and ruled out Khalil lead to issue the new currency and to remove three zeros, to the inflation in the Iraqi economy, saying “the Iraqi state has $ 60 billion as reserves at the Central Bank and the research suggests and Statistics that the Iraqi economy is moving towards improvement, has also started gas sales and operations of investment increasing, Therefore, the phase through which Iraq currently require issuance of new currency.and was a member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives of Iraq, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) earlier, “The Committee agreed with the Central Bank to begin the process of changing the currency local in September next. ” But Khalil, says, “I served as Rapporteur of the Economic Commission representative, to assure that” this is not unfounded, but will be treated the new currency at the end of 2013. ” From: Ayad captain, see: Ihsan Aervani