Advisor to the CBI: Jordan is a key partner and indispensable for Iraq

BAGHDAD (Iba) … The adviser said the Iraqi Central Bank and the economist, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that Jordan does not represent Iraq’s just a neighbor and brother, but also a strategic depth an important and essential partner is indispensable in many areas of economic, political, and security.

He added that Jordan is now the lungs of the Iraqi economy Vqtaana banking depends now largely on the banks of Jordan in facilitating financial transactions for merchants and local investors to and from Iraq. He continued as it plays by virtue of what attributes of the port on the Red Sea (Aqaba) The role of the mediator in any process of exchange of trade between Iraq and the global markets, as well as its contribution to the bridge the country’s need of various goods and commercial goods. noteworthy that the volume of trade between Iraq and Jordan has increased to more than one billion U.S. dollars last year, compared to 2010, which did not exceed the time $ 340 million.

The largest proportion of Jordanian exports to Iraq in goods food and industries, consumer and construction, while the concentrated Jordan’s imports of Iraqi crude oil. and Iraq and Jordan have concluded in September / September 2009 strategic agreement for free trade, while the past year witnessed the signing of several memoranda of understanding between the two countries in the fields of energy, transport, health, electricity, education and building and the development of human capacity. and praised for the government’s desire to expand the partnership and economic cooperation with the Jordanian side, pointing out that this situation confirms Iraq’s desire to establish a lasting relationship based on mutual interest and mutual respect with all neighboring countries, particularly Jordan.