Member of the economy: the central bank can make the dollar equivalent of (1000) JD requirement to change its current policy

On: Saturday 26/05/2012 10:34

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / block Iraqi white / Aziz Mayahi, the ability of the central bank to make one dollar is equal to (1000) Iraqi dinars, the requirement to change its monetary policy current, and described as “wrong” and need to re-examine them. 
said Mayahi (of the Agency news news) on Saturday: The central bank was able to reduce the value of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar and make the exchange rate is equivalent to (1000) Iraqi dinars, because of the financial reserve a large estimated at more than (62) billion dollars. He added that the current monetary policy pursued by the Bank Central “wrong” and need to be reconsidered, because the continuation of work out will harm the public money, especially in the recent period when it rose the value of the dollar significantly against the Iraqi dinar because of the promotion of transactions and fake by speculators led to the smuggling of large amounts of hard currency abroad, laden with the responsibility of the the Central Bank. He pointed out: that the central bank governor has promised to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar after (6) months from now to make one U.S. dollar equivalent of (1000) Iraqi dinars, when it was hosted by the Economic Commission representative, pointing out that they process is not Balsabh and can be achieved . / Finished / 8. d. Q /