Parliament: the smuggling of foreign currency abroad contributed to the reduction of the dinar exchange rate

On: Friday 5/25/2012 3:07

 Baghdad / range 
revealed the decision of the Economic Commission Deputy Mahma Khalil smuggling operation (4) billion dollars to one of Iraq’s neighboring countries through dealer under the pretext of importation of certain goods in the month of April, which led to the increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. Khalil said, according to ( Agency news) on Wednesday:

There are signs of smuggling (4) billion dollars to one of the countries of the region surrounding Iraq in April last by a person who has promoted transactions and fake pretext that he imported goods containing electronic devices (TVs, computers), noting that the funds came out without receipt of any goods to the country. He added that the hard currency out of the country easily because of the lack of regulations and laws that guarantee the advent of the goods that claim a lot of traders imported compared to exit the dollar, in addition to the lack of control of a real port-Iraqi border. and pointed out: that traders and conflicting in the market have plans and studies of them have access to large amounts of hard currency from Iraq and leave them across the border into neighboring countries, particularly since some countries suffer from economic conditions may need to make them hard currency.