“Daash” review the images murderer bin Laden and calling for his head

“Daash” review the images murderer bin Laden and calling for his head

Follow-Iraq Press October -6: 2015

Daash review the images murderer bin Laden and calling for his headthe exchange of elements of al Daash on social media publications for a regulation fighters contain personal data murderer founder of al-Qaeda in Abbottabad in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, who was killed in the process of Marines the US in May 2011.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, published the news that Aldaasha fighter who did not disclose his identity has sent letters to alert jihadist cells in America, and urged them to prosecute the soldier “or Robert Nile” in retaliation for the killing of bin Laden.

The paper adds that the terrorist had published criticism of messages and reprimanded the soldier, which he described what is needed and the number one organization to Tvak to kill bin Laden and his travel from state to state to tell Americans how he and his comrades process, and Houma confirmed by the newspaper pointing out that the Nile had appeared on television several times admitted his tongue that it killed the leader of al-Qaeda.

The newspaper also confirmed that the jihad had published electronic links to interview one of the American media with my father soldier monument in which they are proud of their son what he did, and that they do not Akhava Daash or al-Qaida.

As for the soldier’s wife she said that the newspaper has a wife separated from her husband and was forced to leave her home and change the names of her children as a measure of security to guard against any act of revenge for the organization.

The newspaper said she tried to contact the Nile to alert him of the threats but did not receive any response from him until Alan.anthy (1)