Iraq Stock Exchange: Delete the zeros of the local currency will affect the level of stock trading

BAGHDAD / center news for the Iraqi Media Network – Authority confirmed Iraq Stock Exchange that the deletion of zeros from the local currency hurt at the current stage the level of stock trading in the Iraqi market for securities.

said Executive Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi’s (Center news for the Iraqi Media Network) “The deletion of zeros from the local currency hurt trading stocks because there are shares of less than 80 Iraqi dinars and will be lost in case of deletion of zeros.” being the Central Bank of Iraqi preparations to start deleting three zeros from the local currency.

“The central bank is required to provide the feasibility of the process on the extent of the ability of the economic situation to accommodate the deletion of zeros and how much are the costs of the artistic process Do they contribute to the infrastructure of political cash. “

and started the Iraq Stock Exchange preparations preliminary to gain membership in the global market for securities, also announced the initiation of electronic filing of the investment companies of foreign and domestic, instead of filing paper .

The Stock Exchange of Iraq has started operation in 2004, and shifted from manual trading to the use of screens handle electronic in 2009 and open for trading two hours a day five days a week.

and the banking sector is the largest in the exchange, which also includes the shares of industrial companies and insurance companies, hotels and agricultural companies.