The promising results of the enzyme eating the “nicotine” before arriving to the brain

The promising results of the enzyme eating the “nicotine” before arriving to the brain


The promising results of the enzyme eating the nicotine before arriving to the brainFollow-up / … Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute in California, said he was testing the enzyme devour nicotine before it goes to the brain successfully, and that the test results make him a candidate as a medicine for smoking cessation.

The research published the Journal of the American Chemical results, said Professor Kim Janda Professor of Chemistry supervisor of the study: “Our research is still at an early stage of the drug development process, but it turns out that the enzyme named NicA2 has properties make it an effective treatment in the future. ”

He explained Janda “Researchers have been working for 30 years on the creation of this enzyme in the laboratory, and found in nature, the enzyme that they were looking for, a kind of bacteria isolated from agricultural soils for tobacco, the consumption of nicotine as a single source to get her on the carbon and nitrogen.”

Scientists believe that this enzyme would be an effective treatment for smoking cessation, because it eats nicotine before it reaches the brain, and thus prevents the reward that cause addiction, according to reports from the network “24,” the UAE.

The researchers found that this enzyme is able to dramatically reduce the continued presence of nicotine in the bloodstream, and can be amendments to the enzyme for the elimination of nicotine in the blood fully.

And tests have shown that this enzyme NicA2 stable and does not produce secondary toxic products, and that the next research will work to reduce the immune reaction upon being one of the types of bacteria.

And Professor Janda said that the research team will work in the following steps to develop a vaccine of this enzyme is positive for Khaknh once reaching impact for Chehr.anthy / 10