Vice Chairman of Finance Committee: Mainstreaming system (electronic clearing) in all banks will develop the banking system

Date: Monday 21/05/2012 10:27

Baghdad (news) .. Called on Vice-President of the Finance Committee MP / Kurdish coalition blocs / Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, to the introduction of modern technologies in the work of Iraqi banks to facilitate its functions to serve the citizens of Iraq, indicating that the circulating clearing system electronic all banks will develop the banks. 
said Faizullah (for the Agency news ) said on Monday: The Clearing System Electronic is one of the modern technologies in the work of banks, and entered the banking sector of Iraq means that he has started moving towards the technological development of the modern world. He added that Iraqi banks need techniques technological and electronic systems in their work to facilitate their work and raise their efficiency and speed in completing the banking transactions in relation to citizens, calling for training the cadres of staff in banks and broadcast awareness programs to the citizens to know how to deal with modern technology for banks. and the central bank decided to cover (32) banks, government and civil application of electronic clearing within the project development banking, and the system is based clearing of electronic instruments, smart and the common knowledge of his account in more than a bank and is also shown in the Central Bank, and Iraq has begun to apply in November of last year, it included six banks eligibility in the implementation of banking transactions according to the clearing system electronic. It should be noted that the devices used in the clearing system E is a terminal consists of a computer and scanner linked to the network bank associated with the rules of the central data in addition to linking banks’ branches chair and connecting the presidencies of the server to reduce the cost and ease of system administration and technical support and the time the banks to their core functions. / Finished / 8. d . Q /