The continued state of emergency in Iraq to ensure the protection of his government money

BAGHDAD / JD / .. He said the legal expert Tareq war did well U.S. President Obama issued Executive Order (Decree), containing the continuation of a state of emergency and the desire to help Iraq. The war’s / JD / “These reasons give him the power to issue decrees that would stop the book or confiscated Iraqi funds or lawsuits or claims before the courts or administrative authorities of America.” He was appointed a war for the decree issued by Obama is only one year where it has ended the previous decree, issued in the month of May / 2012. “We have been working on a version of this Decree a year since the first decree issued in the era of President Bush in May / 2003.”Promised to the Iraqi legal expert, this decree “guarantee of money the Iraqi government and Iraq had to pay $ 600 million in 2011 to settle claims American character.” / Ended / 22