Herb nettle … stimulate sexual activity and strengthens the immune

Herb nettle … stimulate sexual activity and strengthens the immune

June 29, 2015 13:40

Herb nettle - stimulate sexual activity and strengthens the immune (Independent) … the herb nettle great healing properties. They are balm for the intestines, joints and cure prostate and antipyretic blood pressure and a catalyst for the desire and sexual power. We recognize here the more health benefits, and a simple way to remove the scorching minute spines of the skin.

Touch simple to nettle leaves may cause severe pain to the skin. Because of the poetic minute spines flowing sap of which the Holocaust and painful to the human hand if touched and broken Shweika in his hand. But while the drying nettle leaves or cooked disappear all threats that may be issued by, and even turn into a wonderful foodstuff suitable for many diets, according to the site conveys “Tsintorm monastery Gazundhaat” mail. Moreover, this plant (also called Harika or diskette) has great healing properties.

And it can be prepared as a tea Nettle a taste delicious. The fact that this herb is very rich in calcium, iron and protein can be incorporated into many food dishes and green juices, as well as the possibility to add Kphar in fresh cheese, bread and others. This herb grows in moist fertile areas and is one of the first herbs that blooms in the spring, and grow in most countries of the global North and in the Arab Mashreq and Sinai. Although the French laws are still considered weeds, but that many in France are seeking to change these laws.

To nettle healing powers and therapeutic effects, and we recognize here the most important healing properties of this herb, according to the site conveys Tsintorm monastery Gazundhaat-mail:

For the treatment of inflammatory bowel

Due to its anti-inflammatory healing Fbalamkan use against chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the intestines).

– Cure for rheumatism and arthritis.

– Positive impact on urinary tract:

Especially nettle leaf tea is useful against kidney problems and inflammation of the bladder, and gravel, and irritation of the ureters.

– Prevent prostate tumors:

The roots of a plant extract nettle works as an anti health problems resulting from benign prostate, but, according to one study, the extract of the roots of the herb nettle effect and managed to keep the growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

Lowering blood pressure and prevent blood clots

Nettle leaf tea lowers blood pressure. It also retards excessive clotting of blood, that is, it makes the blood “light” and thus helps to prevent blood clots.

Strengthen the immune system

Herb nettle strengthens the body’s defense mechanism, and through the support of a type of immune cells called T-lymphocytes. It also stimulates the activity of cells “giant” macrophages to bacteria. It is noteworthy that nettle is also useful as a beverage and food in times of increased risk of infectious diseases.

Sexual activation

Herb nettle seeds stimulant, and is therefore suitable for all those who feel tired and fatigue. Eating the seeds of this herb increases the vitality, strength, sexual libido and milk production with nursing mothers.

The reasons for this influence many refresher: The seeds of nettle is rich in vital mineral substances, in addition to that they are considered anti-oxidant and has a strong ability to protect the liver.

In addition, the seeds of the herb nettle contains a so-called material the Vetostrawles (beta-sitosterol), which prevent the transformation of testosterone male to rule the dihydrotestosterone, and thus increasing testosterone free levels in men, and this is what explains the increase seed Nettle sexual desire.

Prevent hair loss

Nettle seeds enhance hair growth and make it thick and bright, and not only in humans, but also with horses and horses. It should be noted the presence of nettle leaves in lotions anti-hair loss.