Last minutes of this month will be 61 seconds

Last minutes of this month will be 61 seconds

06/15/2015 15:08 GMT

Last minutes of this month will be 61 secondsAgencies – will be the last minute of the current month of June length of 61 seconds instead of 60, because of the complete lack of regularity in the movement of the earth’s rotation.
But work on adding a second to reconcile the natural time caused by the movement of the earth’s rotation and Standard time determined by modern technological means, it raises some criticisms.

In every country in the world, there will be a minute longer 61 seconds instead of 60, and that while the clock is at midnight on June 31 to July 1 next according to Greenwich Mean Time.

He says service manager follow up the Earth’s rotation movement internationally in charge of seconds to add this “leap” Daniel Gambis that “ordinary people will not notice the difference, but who are keen on too much precision that they can re-adjust their watches in the second hand after that.”

Gambis adds that the associated satellite networks and large computers systems can not turn a blind eye for this difference, and should seize all with the addition of one second.

With the addition of this second, the man trying to reconcile the two measures are the natural time-scale (Coordinated Universal Time), which is determined by the rotation of the earth and its movement, the international atomic time and determined since 1971 atomic clocks extreme precision.

When work began UTC in 1972 after an international agreement in this regard, experts said that the difference between Altoqatin should not exceed nine-tenths of a second, and that any greater difference than that should lead to increase one second to Universal Time.

Since 1972, 26 seconds have been added, including those that will be added in the last month.

And back again another “leap” to the middle of May of 2012, and accepted by the year 2008 to.

Gambis says: “In January (January), we were informed that the whole world should be added one second night of the thirtieth of June to the first of July.”

Rotation of the Earth movement and slow down because of the power of the sun and the moon attractive, also affected by changes in its skin and ice cover and movement of earthquakes, so the determination of time based on the movement of the ground texture will make a difference one second once every few years.

The atomic clocks Vtaathrk based on the properties of the atom to measure time with amazing accuracy does not deviate only one second every 300 million years old, this second show the difference between Altoqatin leap.

Not liking to add a leap second for all, some countries such as the United States and France, want to cancel, and only rely on atomic clocks. As countries such as Britain Vtnasser retained and re-adjust the clocks worldwide to harmonize Altoqatin.

It will be held the International Telecommunication Union conference in November of 2015 in Geneva to discuss the issue. In the case of the adoption of the abolition of leap second added, it will become the world time based on atomic clocks exclusively and completely independent of the movement of the earth.