Deputy: the budget will pay monthly payments of the region’s share and will raise the prices of mobile and Internet

Deputy: the budget will pay monthly payments of the region’s share and will raise the prices of mobile and Internet

Thu, December 25 1 / December 2014 10:05

Deputy - the budget will pay monthly payments of the region's share and will raise the prices of mobile and Internet[Baghdad-where]

Deputy National Alliance revealed that “the share of the Kurdistan region in accordance with the financial budget for 2015 will pay in the form of monthly payments,” referring to “Ananak proposals to increase budget revenues, including taxes on mobile services [mobile] and the Internet and import cars.”

He said Hashim al-Moussawi told all of Iraq [where] that “among the condensed perceptions about the general features of the draft federal budget prepared by the Iraqi government, a perception close to reality by a large margin, if not identical in its estimates the total Value is the federal budget is between 123-125 trillion dinars Iraqis “.

He said that “the value of the operating budget of up to 78.5 trillion dinars, while the investment budget will be between 45-47 trillion dinars, and the proportion of the budget deficit of more than 23 trillion Iraqi dinars.”

He pointed out that “the state revenues depend primarily on oil as the budget was built on a price basis for a barrel of oil is $ 60 per barrel and by the export amount of three million and 300 thousand barrels per day, distributed in the following manner: 2.75 million barrels of southern oil and [300] thousand barrels Kirkuk and 250 000 barrels of the Kurdistan region. ”

“The oil revenues will be between $ 84-85 trillion dinars, while non-oil revenues will be between 15.5- 16 trillion, and the deficit will be the value of almost 23 trillion.”

Moussawi said that “the deficit will be addressed according to the budget bill in the following manner 1-2 trillion dinars Kmbalg can be covered by the International Monetary Fund with financial circular balance 3 trillion almost, and bonds, government loan from the central bank almost 6 trillion, while the Commercial Bank of Iraq has pledged [TBI] the purchase of bonds by 3 trillion, and Rafidain Bank and Rasheed nearly 3-trillion in bonds, foreign bonds and the issuance of approximately 6 trillion, the total shall be approximately 23 trillion dinars. ”

He pointed out the National Alliance MP that “the investment budget of 45- 47 trillion be without new projects, but are allocated to projects that are the percentage of completion of 50% and above, and thus there is no new projects this year.”

“There are proposals contained in the budget to reduce the shortfall ratio, which is a tax on allowances to be allocated over the nominal salary roughly from 500 000 dinars to million dinars by 10%, and million to three million dinars be 20%, and three million dinars to five million dinars by 30% and if the allocation of more than five million dinars be a tax rate of 40%. ”

He noted al-Moussawi said that “this process will provide up to 2.5 trillion almost to the state and this will be the amounts for compulsory savings for all of taken away from them,” pointing out that “the tax will be imposed on the scratch cards for mobile as well as the Internet increased by 20%, or will become Kart 10 thousand dinars to 12 000 dinars, and there will be a car registration tax of 15% of the specified value of the car, and there is the idea of ​​the adoption of a postage stamp in government transactions and its income will be allocated to a special fund for the displaced. ”

And the share of the Kurdistan region of budget-Moussawi said that “the region’s share will be 17% after deducting expenses sovereign [presidential and defense] that the rest pay her a monthly basis and not all at once,” noting that “these estimates are close to reality by a large margin,” he said.

The House of Representatives delivered Wednesday officially from the government budget bill to hold a special meeting today to discuss it after the Council of Ministers approved in its meeting last Tuesday, reaching 123 trillion dinars [$ 103 billion] deficit of 23 trillion dinars, with the formation of a committee headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. ”

He said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, said that “the budget is a priority for the defense, energy and displaced people,” adding that “the plug will be through treasury bills and government bonds and borrowing from local banks.”

For his part, favored the KRG President Barzani that the federal government is sending the region’s share of the budget at the beginning of the year Aljdid.anthy