Wind tree: a new technology for electric power generation

Wind tree: a new technology for electric power generation

Published on Monday, 01  / December 2014 14:31

Wind tree - a new technology for electric power generationBAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) – A team of French engineers developed industrial tree can generate electricity from wind turbines through the use of hidden inside leaves plastics, which moves in the breeze for power generation. According to the Daily Mail newspaper said the British site.

The new leaves of the tree consists of a circular blades moving in the wind, regardless of the direction to move the small Altorbettat, which is transformed into energy and can tree that produces electricity, an amount double the number of days on which the turbine produces, for traditional energy as they can produce so quickly 4.5 kilometers per hour .

The supervisor engineer innovation Iriver Michaux, “The shape of the tree is beautiful and repellent, nor does it make a sound, and can be placed in the squares and public spaces, energy-saving lamps in the streets and electric car charging stations.”

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