Finance Committee calls for the central bank initiative to send a draft of its plan to delete the zeros from the currency to study

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Hosted by the Finance Committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman of the Committee Haider Abadi, on Sunday, 6/5/2012 Dr. Shabibi Central Bank Governor and the delegation accompanying him in the presence of members of the committee and its advisers.

During the meeting, discuss the issues contained in the agenda and the most important measures the central bank to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and currency Auction and the fight against money laundering and instructions relating to banking agencies and the mechanism for granted.

Also addressed the meeting to discuss the draft law on the status of training the monetary and banking has been considered the Commission sent to the Central Bank of Iraq to study it and take the view taken by them, as well as discussion of the draft to delete the zeros and asked the Committee to send the full program for the process to delete the zeros prepared by the Central Bank of Iraq to review it and take the opinion of the Government the House of Representatives after demanding to wait in its own legislation, it was agreed to continue to hold meetings with the Central Bank to address the problems of Iraqi currency and maintain the non-volatility in exchange rates and constant quest to keep the price of the Iraqi dinar in world markets.

At the conclusion of the meeting, directed the President and members of the committee to thank the Governor of the Central Bank and his accompanying delegation for their attendance and asked to answer questions and queries.