Anger sweeping America; and Russia accuses Washington of political hypocrisy

Anger sweeping America; and Russia accuses Washington of political hypocrisy

11/27/2014 12:50 GMT

Anger sweeping America and Russia accuses Washington of political hypocrisyFollow-up – and babysit – escalated protests against racism and for the second night in a row and has spread to 180 US town and city on the back of the acquittal of a policeman killed an unarmed young Black in August / August in the town of Ferguson and US authorities have arrested hundreds during the demonstrations.
Russia considered, that the protests that get in Ferguson and other US cities show the hypocrisy of politicians in Washington, and it does not have the right to give Russia lessons in human rights.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in statements about the protests in US cities: The Washington to focus on its internal problems with the protection of human rights has instead preaches others.

She said the ministry, that such a massive explosion of anger overwhelming reaction disproportionate by law enforcement agencies confirms once again that this is not an isolated incident, but a systematic error in the American democracy that failed to overcome the deeply divided ethnic and discrimination and inequality.

The demonstrators carried placards inscribed with phrases such as “the prison police killers” and “We demand justice for Ferguson” and “Hands off, do not shoot,” and “an important black life” and “to stop police violence.”

Hundreds of protesters also took to the streets of Boston and Philadelphia (East) or Nashville (South). And counted network “CNN” demonstrations in 180 US cities.

Most of these peaceful demonstrations, but included some pieces of highways, as happened in Los Angeles or Oakland on the West Coast.

Police used sometimes tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, as happened in Denver or Portland.

The arrest of 190 people in the US states

And announced that security authorities in the Los Angeles stop 180 people during protests in the city Tuesday after dropping prosecution against the policeman Darren Wilson.

Police confirmed that about 500 people participated in the march of the largest cities of the State of California, without recording any injuries or material losses during the march. Police said he was arrested 180 people on charges of cutting one of the main roads in the city for hours, prompting the police to intervene and arrest them.

In San Francisco, the city witnessed acts of sabotage and wide, where she was many shops ransacked after protest marches in solidarity with Ferguson’s population.

Police in San Francisco, confirmed that the police arrested a number of demonstrators after protest marches.

In New York, 10 people were arrested after a protest march involving nearly a thousand people.