Almrobei: the high value of the dollar just a bubble

04/23/2012   BAGHDAD / JD / member count .. Economic Committee in the House of Representatives MP Hussein Almrobei the rise of the dollar as a bubble. He said Almrobei / a JD / that the high value of the dollar bubble just do not have any scientific basis, because the Iraqi dinar self-supporting through the sale of oil which is made in hard currency.

He said the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of more than $ 68 billion and who is present in all banks and government deposits does not exceed approximately $ 28 billion, and the result is that more than 120 percent of what exists in the market.   He Almrobei if all that exists in the market, bought dollars will not be affected by the central bank’s stance, describing the rise of the dollar as the issue of media have no scientific basis. He stressed that the Paradise of economy and investment representative has been addressed recommendations to the Bank Almzakza stating to stay away from media statements somewhat in order to not affect the development of the currency and also not to declare the results of the meetings of the Central Bank and its decisions widely to the media, pointing to the Central Bank’s response to the recommendations, stressing that they will abide by the directives of the Commission.