Cancellation of zeros dinar

Cancellation of zeros dinar .. And the release of prisoners of the Central Bank

Posted, Adel Abdul-Mahdi – 10/29/2013 – 10:36 pm

Iraqi dinarCould the central bank since 2003, raising precautions from bankruptcy and debt to more than 80 billion dollars. And was able to achieve the objectives assigned to it and essentially constant currency and control inflation ..

Dropped the price of the dollar from 1500 dinars to the dollar in the (2003) to (1166) .. Any citizen achieved (23%) Zaardh on income that was received by .. Inflation fell foundation year and inflation of about (75%) .. And (46%), respectively, to the number of individual spins between (4-8%) .. With reminders at the Millennium inflation rates, to the end of the eighties and nineties. was to cancel the zeros can enhance these achievements .. Indeed, the approximate dates announced new currency has been designed .. فتسحب currency “zeros” gradually from the market within a year or two smoothly and quietly .. Vasdar new currency and withdraw consuming and shattered a routine, Securities فتطرح new, Deleted zeros. criticized by some focusing on fraud .. Many supported .. Issuance, transfer and save the recording and counting, monitoring and follow-up and print (5) billion banknotes is more complicated and more expensive than print (5) million and paper, which is better for the economy in the transactions and the prosecution of forgery and fraud .. And an example, فاحدى the problems of the Rafidain Bank to move from a paper-based system to a system of “comprehensive” mail is that the system is designed for (14) a number, and that the trillion alone would take (13) digits without fractures, and high numbers. In short, it was possible to cancel the zeros, and realize the benefits, taking pertinent criticism .. But the delay the decision for political purposes related to the management of the bank before his policy. It is the same that led the bank to change the leadership of almost a year ago. intercepted measures the change in form and substance, and we addressed and worked eliminate all possible to end these implications and their effects on Iraq and the bank’s reputation and his staff .. Who instead Akavaa, sentenced to Khazem Ani .. And arrested about a year ago, Kovzah Kazem Hassan al-Haidari and Haifa Peter, and gave for trial Kalshbibi and Mohamed Saleh,. trust our brothers that enhance the bank’s current leadership pros .. And dealing with the consequences and wisely and professional errors and amended .. See also التشريعيون to executives and judges attitudes responsibly and look to the future and without “Azza iniquity” .. Sense to insist on a crime he did not fall .. And the criminalization of innocent people have served the country. Professional mistakes working directory, and evidence of corruption crime and punishable punishment .. If there were crimes unfolded, but said the sun was in the fourth day, and before the investigation procedure and evidence are, and what this required time and effort to prove it.