Financial expert: the power of the national currency

Financial expert: the power of the national currency is the existence of political and economic stability in the country

13:50 10/18/2013

Iraqi dinarFollow-up – and babysit – attributed the financial affairs expert Thamer Jassim Al-Ali, the reasons for rejection of the neighboring countries to deal Iraqi dinars to the absence of political and economic stability and security in the country, making their confidence is weak.
Ali said: The country still suffers from the lack of political stability and security, making a direct impact on the national currency by not dealing with overseas and the lack of confidence of the countries surrounding Iraq to deal with.

He added: to make the dinar desirable internationally requires a productive sectors sober in the country make it a source of goods abroad, any foreign when buying Iraqi currency be handled through it comes to Iraq, puts it in cases of tourist or business, stressing that Iraq so far has no goods both oil exporter.

He pointed out: that the tourism sector in Iraq is suffering neglect is the other of which can encourage neighboring countries to buy the local currency in the hope that Barvunha when they come to Iraq for the purposes of tourism.

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