Secret files reveal an Australian bank contracted with Saddam for the printing of the Iraqi dinar currency

Secret files reveal an Australian bank contracted with Saddam during the period of sanctions for the printing of the Iraqi dinar currency

9/30/2013 18:41

Saddam Australian bank printed Iraqi dinarRange Press / Baghdad
Revealed the secret files, on Monday, the Australian investment bank of trying to make a deal illegal business during the period of sanctions on Iraq during the rule of the former regime of President Saddam Hussein to replace the Iraqi dinar currency cash leaves of polymer material (Polymer) produced by the bank.
Quoted by British newspaper The Guardian report, APS (Fairfax), “The process adopted by the Bank (RBA) of Australia under the designation (Project Delta) during the year 1998, has been canceled after six months when detecting diplomats Australian these deals with the regime of Saddam’s dictatorship.”
And found confidential files that “officials from the Department of printing currency from a bank RBA Australian had gone to Iraq during the period of sanctions imposed by the United Nations, to discuss the signing of a contract to convert the Iraqi dinar currency paper that was in circulation at the time to banknotes banking made of paper polymer with Features own. ”
The report went on that “based on the statements of officials of the Bank (RBA) contained in the file secret, during that trip he met officials of the bank by melting Saddam Hussein and his bodyguard Arshad Yassin, who confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s have a look at samples of these banknotes and was eager to be adopted, since monitoring $ 65 million for this project. ”
He said a legal expert from the University of Sydney David Giun, that “confidential files contained evidence to issue a strong involvement by officials of the bank during the flight that violated UN sanctions that prohibit and prevent the Australians from doing a deal with Iraq or sell or outfitted goods”.
Two institutions face of the coin banking subsidiary of the RBA Bank of Australia criminal charges for having to pay bribes to win contracts abroad.
For his part, Vice-President of the Australian Greens Adam Bandit “These scandals of dirty deals, you may shake the majority of Australians,” calling for “an investigation run by the authority Committee Maalikis”.
Bandit added that “the stench surround Bank of RBA and its institutions have smelt”, noting that “a strong independent investigation would purifies the air.”
Iraq has seen since the expulsion of his forces from Kuwait in 1991 to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, the process of printing of the Iraqi dinar currency in huge quantities, without lid economist by several printing presses in the country, some of which were followed by the family of Saddam Hussein and his inner circle, and This led to the collapse of the Iraqi currency and not recognized internationally, as well as the arrival of the price to $ 3,000 thousand Iraqi dinars, which the form of the destruction of the purchasing power of the Iraqi citizen.