CBI confirms the existence of (ghost) or unknown behind the increasing demand for the dollar

CBI confirms the existence of (ghost) or unknown behind the increasing demand  for the dollar

CBI confirms the existence of (ghost) or unknown behind the increasing demand  for the dollar
On: Tuesday 10/4/2012
accused in some quarters of  the parliamentary nominated “mafia Iraqi traders” dollar smuggling to  neighboring countries that suffer international economic sanctions (Iran and  Syria), pointing to a link to these traders.
Political figures in the  window you want to influence in the Iraqi economy for personal gain by saying,  Which led to a slight increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the  Iraqi dinar.
contrast, an economist stressed the existence of other  factors did not talk about the parliamentary committee, namely the pressure  internal trade as well as the financing of armed groups for terrorist operations  in huge amounts paid in dollars.
In the meantime, expressed the Bank  Central confusion about the increasing demand for the dollar, stressing that an  unknown person (ghost) stands behind it by opening accounts for people  traffickers false return for kickbacks Athsalon them, stressing that the  movement of trade in the neighboring countries also contributed to increase the  price of the dollar compared to the Iraqi dinar.
The price of the dollar  in the local markets, according to the reporter (range) to the 1227 Iraqi  dinars, though the Bank auction turnout heavy on it.
A member of the  Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham Jubouri: “The economic  embargo imposed on Iran and Syria, make them need to hard currency (the dollar)  which is exploited (mafia) Iraqi traders and worked on the smuggled into these  countries at the expense of the national economy. “
said Jubouri (range): “The smuggling format transfer electronic under the pretext of shopping or  transfer money to some people.”
He Jubouri: The measures taken by the  Central Bank through the identification of quantity to be transferred and the  recipient have undermined the smuggling and contributed to the slightly lower  price of the dollar compared to the past and continued up the bank to Ajraeth  will bring the dollar set by the past. “
and accused Jubouri politicians  did not identify being involved in a high dollar, He explained, “some of them  linked Pmaviac traders .. They are trying to benefit from the continued high  price of the dollar and achieving the wishes of the character, “adding,” but  some of the media yields in this matter by presenting a distorted picture  exaggerated the economic landscape of Iraq, stressing the need to prosecute  those involved in this file in cooperation with the Economic Committee in the  parliament and government as well as urged us to the Central Bank continued the  need for there to be equality between supply and demand of dollars to ensure the  stability of the Iraqi market. “
and the amount of money smuggled to  Tehran and Damascus in the current period, said a member of the Finance  Committee, “I do not have precise figures about this file .. But in a steady  decline, though, we turn large sums to Iran, especially by legal means, because  we import many goods of them, as well as visitors flocking to and from Iran. “
For his part, said the economist Majid picture, “there is a set of  pressure to buy the dollar in Iraq resulted from political and economic  conditions in neighboring countries, especially Syria and Iran, which are  subjected to economic sanctions, which led to its high price compared to the  Iraqi dinar. “
and added the picture in a telephone conversation with  (range):” Madjaet by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, is true to some extent  .. But there are other things affected the price of the dollar in the forefront  of a lot of money to go to domestic trade as well as money pumped by armed  groups in the financing of terrorist operations, which are usually in  dollars.
“And the actions taken by the central bank said the picture” It’s not enough .. Is supposed to be accompanied by practical steps from the  relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance and security  institutions, especially at the border as well as banks. “
and that the  picture of “the process of exchange of the Iraqi dinar on the one hand and  Altoman the Iranian and Syrian pound the other hand, within the country also  weighed on the dollar was the smuggling of large of hard currency.
“In  the meantime, Vice President of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed  Saleh: A person who is not known (ghost) open bank accounts of dozens of  merchants is true to meet certain currency between the parties.”
Saleh  added (range): “The Finance Committee has extensive information about it because  it is overlooking the legislative side and have a link with the bodies, all of  which provide it with information and documents confirming the smuggling of hard  currency to neighboring countries.
“Saleh continued:” Previously we did  not ask for documentation of the person requesting the amount of under 50  thousand dollars .. we have seen the time that about 92% of the requests do not  exceed the 49 thousand dollars, which demonstrates seek to circumvent the  regulations, instructions and thus worked to change the criteria between Onah  and the other as well as the demand for passage of a tax year as well as the  commercial document. “
In terms of demand for the dollar in the domestic  market between Saleh said the central bank exceeded 400 million dollars a day,  stressing that “it is illogical to ask the Iraqi market, this huge, pointing out  that in the previous year did not exceed the demand barrier million and 500  thousand dollars a day, which confirms that the increase in demand is not about  the Iraqi economy but for other reasons, including the regional markets that  suffer from the scarcity of the dollar with an overlap of a commercial cast a  shadow on the Iraqi dinar at the current stage.