Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions! 6-19-2013

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions! 6-19-2013

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions... HELP!6-19-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 [Poppy3 is in intensive care. He has 2 blood clots. One in lung and one in leg.] the dr is saying i will be in intensive care till friday…ALL IS WELL AND IT IS AMAZING ALL THE GOOD DINAR NEWS WE ARE RECEIVING.


6-19-2013 Intel Guru TD A few hours ago I received the most extraordinary email from my GOI contact…”TD this has been the most extraordinary day of Iraqi politics of our new Republic. While it is no secret to anyone worldwide of the differences of factions, today at Parliament we were brothers in a common cause of building the foundation of a new Iraq for ALL of our people. MP’s were all united in passing a majority of laws, drafts & provisions relative to structure building of our democratic state. Many members of the GOI and other dignitaries were watching history in the making.

6-19-2013 Intel Guru TD …as I write to you members are toasting of the news with their families, friends and neighbors. News travels fast in our country. Probably Wednesday & Thursday you’ll see various articles come out anyway. Well to the part which you and your friends holding our notes, I’ll share with you this important information: While many of your friends regard IQD appreciation as a worldwide event, it’s extremely complicated in that our interest is tied to investments, favorable loans, infrastructure building etc. It’s not just a question of raising the value of our notes and exchanging them. It’s extremely complex. Last month I reported to you of currency reform in June and plans of execution toward the late summer/early fall timeframe.

6-19-2013 Intel Guru TD Developments especially today could speed up deal making even before Ramadan. Many MP’s left today’s session optimistic that we may be able to provide the most celebrated and happy Ramadan ever for our people. Here’s the bottom line : We have put offers of currency reform on the table coupled with these investment mechanisms to many entities in particular (among too many to list ) the World Bank & IMF. We actually expect a favorable and quick response.

6-19-2013 Intel Guru TD World finance and deal making can change suddenly. I’ve only reported to you what was status quo at that immediate time frame. Can events unfold and more negotiation carries us past Ramadan: Certainly, but for right now events may also unfold at Godspeed. I’ll keep you on notice as I am permitted. Watch for favorable developments in the next 48 hours to perhaps this weekend. Right now that’s the best I can share “….there you have it from the Sandbox . (I don’t know if I can sleep in the next 48 hours !) . TD

6-18-2013 Intel Guru Flashing So as the results of the recommendations of ban ki in his report were as i expected and i discussed with you in the past…We are in a great momentum. I recalled way back when i said the rv will not be possible until Iraq meet their obligations under ch 7, well they have meet them accordingly to ban ki moon. As i said too imo the $11 billions will be paid in full and it will be done on or before june27. Also i think they already have a commitment for such payment (imo). So guys everything is wonderful and our party is about to start. IMO, we are just waiting for final protocols which include the release.

6-18-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “What has been agreed between Maliki and Barzani will be activated soon” Other than the most recent 5 point deal…the only other thing recently agreed to was between Maliki and Barzani in secret (remember??). I am not sure what to make of this – but it does sound encouraging (as do a lot of things right now).

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Enorrste …the CBI is stating that their CURRENT money supply of 33 trillion dinars, which is worth about $30 billion, is covered by 2.5 times with their $80 billion in reserves. In other words, their current money supply has 250% coverage. Having said that, let’s assume that Iraq does what it says it will do and withdraws the large denominated notes beginning in January of 2014. We can reasonably suspect that about 7 trillion dinars are outside of the country. This would mean, then, that they would withdraw about 26 trillion dinars from circulation. Of course these dinars will have to be replaced, as they have said (otherwise they would have NO dinars in the country) and they have stated that they will issue 25 Billion dinars to replace the 26 trillion that they remove. Now, let’s go one step farther…

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Enorrste The new money supplied within the country will amount to 25 billion dinars. If, as they say, they allow the VALUE of the dinar to rise to “about $1), then if they have $80 billion worth of reserves at that time, then they will have over 300% coverage of their money supply, in country. Furthermore, they could allow the dinar to go to $3 per dinar and still have over 100% coverage of their money, keeping them as the strongest currency in the world. So what happens with the 7 trillion dinars outside the country?

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Enorrste So what happens with the 7 trillion dinars outside the country? They are cashed in by speculators and end up as reserves by the countries that cash them in. Just as their are trillions of dollars sitting as reserves around the world (i.e., not a concern to our country), similarly there will be trillions of dinars sitting as reserves around the world and Iraq will not need to be concerned about them. In short, they will never return to haunt Iraq any more than our dollars have returned to haunt the US…They will announce a float and draw in the dinars within the country during the next 6 months to 2 1/2 years, and replace them with new small denominated notes as the value rises and the smaller notes become necessary for commerical activity within the country. They are on record that this will take about 2 years beginning in 2014. Furthermore, they are on record that the issuance of the NEW currency will occur in January of 2014. IF they need small denoms between now and then (the next 6 months), assuming the float is announced shortly, then they will use the ones that were printed in 2003 and that are sitting at the CBI for that purpose (existing small denoms of the same currency we hold.) Bottom line: this is talking about the final stages in preparation to unfold the plan. This is ALL GOOD!

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Mountainman I see we aren’t rich yet…didn’t think it would happen last night, looking for maybe tonite Iraq’s Wednesday…hope it does get done by the end of the month.

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni IMO, it does not matter how big this event is, or who is wanting it. The bottom line is, and it’s stated everywhere on the IMF, is that the IMF cannot make a country do anything. Yes, they have agreements such as Stand by Agreements (SBA’s), or a Charter (To promote international monetary cooperation) in which members agree to adhere to…but each country must facilitate these reforms. The guidance comes from the IMF, but it is ultimately up to Iraq to execute. And we have seen Maliki often stall. So nothing is done, and nothing is set in stone. As long as he is doing this on his schedule, we matter the outside interest or forces.

6-18-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Shabibi knew that the UN resolutions preventing him from engaging the banking system with the world were lifted back in Dec 2010. Therefore, he moved quickly (June 2011 and again April 2012) to facilitate the banking system. They are ready, been ready and could do it at anytime. Maliki stands in the way. As for this lifting of UN Chapter VII and moving the remaining files to Chapter VI, yes it is very good as it takes the “stigma” of being under UN sanctions away. That stigma has been a problem for Iraq and hopefully this event will clear that up giving full sovereignty to Iraq to re-engage, and re-emerge in the global economy.

6-18-2013 Intel Guru Jester [Did they write the $11 Billion check???] NOT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE… THAT IS A FORMALITY NOW… REMEMBER I TOLD YOU BEFORE ALL THEIR ISSUES WOULD MAGICALLY GO AWAY… WELL IT IS HAPPENING. [do ya think this could still be going a couple of weeks from now taking us into July?] NOPE. [Have you heard any of the details from Eagle1… ? Basket 1 tomorrow, 2 a week from now] BASKETS ARE BS… THIS IS A GLOBAL RESET… ALL WILL GO AT ONCE.