After the government made them hostage Bremer other currencies: Is re-delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency value.?

Date: Monday 09/04/2012 14:12

Citizen – Ahmed Darraji contributed to the Government of Bremer in the low level of purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar after the U.S. invasion of Iraq 2003, compared to what happened with Kuwait after Saddam’s invasion since remained Kuwaiti currency preserve the value of purchasing power has not suffered a breakdown according to the application of the principle of international commitment to Kuwait based on stockpiling oil, which does not rise to the resources owned by Iraq’s major economic, after Bremer left the Government of the Iraqi dinar recovering automatically depending on what is owned by the Iraqi Central Bank reserves, which adopted a new policy in… a currency management system. And the shift of the Currency large to exchange small to get rid of sagging cash inside the country. policies is the methodologysee Sabri Mohammed Jaafar graduate student in the Faculty of Management and Economics University of Mesopotamia that the economic policies of others thought pursued by the previous regime left a heavy burden on economic reconstruction in Iraq and said Sabri to get rid of it that needs a serious stand of solid economic policy is to restore the nominal value of the Iraqi dinar. And get rid of dependence on other currencies after that and put the authority of the Atlantic Alliance economic policy deliberately to make the Iraqi dinar as long as possible away from the institutions of banking and foreign banks to keep the poor away from trading abroad. advance planning will prepare Abdullah, owner of Exchange sees the evolution of the world’s economic systems. sophisticated requires the existing economic policy in the country review of some current policies in the country to keep pace with what is happening in the world for the promotion of the economic reality of Iraq and raise the value of Iraqi dinar as before, and continued Abdullah delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency Athaj to advance planning and preparing the ground of economic in Time and time course that would guarantee the right of everyone without damaging them, noting at the same time we must not look behind what happened in the nineties of the last century as seen from the side of the spectrum Shuwaili the owner of an auto show that the deletion of zeros from my point of view is not a solution at the moment I think that this process becomes a necessity when the economy is in a stable condition, fully accompanied by continuous growth and continued Shuwaili this process contributes to the understanding of the citizen to the figures of cash, let alone reduce the masses of cash in which nHaadhr much of her pregnancy in the markets and trading, and perhaps we are exposed to risk because of her pregnancy, pointing out the reluctance of citizen for deposit in the banks that have sprung up recently what happened thefts large inside these banks, so the existence of currency smaller became necessary provided that the proper ground for it. the fear of poverty and in the same context, see for Us Samir employee bank, currency, as the current intolerable errors by 1.3% of the counting due to the proliferation of counterfeit currency within the country, adding as I find them expensive and cumbersome in the process of input and output bank and most banks add additional value in banking transactions. So I delete the zeros from the currency as much as his aspect of the positive offset negative aspects because they are subject to psychological factors and a sense of relief to the presence of a coin with the exchange rate is high but was outside or inside the country and noted Samir has been accompanied by the deletion negative aspects may be affected by the owners of salaries and high sense of poverty and this reduces the value of consumer purchasing power and Fu hit for example, that employee salary (1,000,000) and when it becomes deletions (100,000) will lead to frustration perhaps this amount from the point of view can not fill its needs. Therefore, I find the process of deleting the zeroes are not only to cope with all the processes of market transactions in the supply and demand and control of goods entering and monitoring of traders in order to balance the deletion process with what is happening inside the Iraqi market, their compatibility with the various policies and development plans. decision of a national consultant in the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh confirmed his part in the previous press statements on the importance that has the law to delete the zeros with the consent of the government and the Iraqi Council of Representatives because it relates to the national economy, pointing out that many developed countries have resorted to this decision to reduce inflation and reduce the liquidity excess in Iraq suffers from sagging the money supply, pointing out that the Board of Directors has approved the decision to delete the zeros after the completion of the designs of the currency bearing the legacy of Iraq and its history and civilizations, as well as discussed by the Financial and Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers, noting that the bank is awaiting approval by the Council to begin the replacement of the currency new and that you should be with a new financial and proposed by the Bank with the beginning of the year 2013. Salih stressed that the process of replacing the currency will take two years to prevent any disruption in the process of delivery and receipt, explaining that the banks will continue to receive the old currency for ten years as rights and not for circulation. find alternative to petroleum economist Hashem Haboubi explained his part that the process of charting the course of true and systematic of the Iraqi economy must coincide with radical solutions to the current political situation Political stability and security a very important factor in the process of economic construction, which is not without strategic plans long and short term characterized by realism and reliance on what is available from the potential of mankind harnessed to reach the desired goal of achieving economic well-being of Iraqi citizens, and continued Haboubi I find that those who promote the reality of agricultural and industrial, which is Kruad important in economic development and not rely on oil to fund the budget as well as economic policy-making, but must provide an alternative that can creates a sort of balance in the construction process noting that the deletion process to be implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq I find as a first step towards achieving the goal and purpose sought by the Iraqi society