Economic parliamentary: neighboring countries seeking to introduce counterfeit Iraqi currency before you delete the zeros

08/04/2012 10:58

Dohuk, April 7 / April (Rn) – The decision of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives of Iraq, Sunday, that the neighboring countries seeking to enter large amounts of Iraqi currency counterfeit to the country such as the deletion of three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar, indicating that the Central Bank of Iraq has taken measures and precautions that will thwart the scheme. MP said Mahma Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “there are… anecdotal reports of attempts to confirm that the countries in the region have taken measures designed to download large amounts of Iraqi currency counterfeit for the purpose of replacing the new currency after Hzvalasfar three,” noting that “the Bank CBI has taken procedures and carried out some precautions to prevent any bypass of the Iraqi currency, and respond to those plans. ” He Khalil, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance said that “there are those who seek to create a kind of confusion in the local markets, and confusion on the feet of the Iraqi state on economic project important goal of the restructuring of the Iraqi dinar and deleting three zeros from it, “adding that” leaking this information come in the door of the media and the economic war against Iraq … a bright future awaits the Iraqi dinar. ” He says. and was a “Global Center for Development Studies,” warned in a report issued late last week from London that “lead the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi dinar to a state of chaos in the national economy, especially as they are in conditions of security, political, difficult and complex . ” The position that “Iraq is currently suffering from counterfeiting gangs working night and day to print the current dinar and then replaced in the process will be described as the biggest fraud in the world” .. Noting that “the money supply large that exist today in the Iraqi market, estimated at up to 30 trillion dinars will increase significantly during the period of switching the currency, so that fraud rings spread in most Iraqi cities.” The report explained that “part of these gangs work in neighboring countries Iraq and the introduction of counterfeit currency via smugglers or in ways that are considered official Kalmpadlat business or by replacing the dollar. ” estimated “size of the cash reserve, which lost Iraq in just one month this year to $ 2 billion, which led to a decline in a clear and significant in the value of Iraqi dinar , reaching to the borders of 1250 dinars to the dollar after 1120 that the boat during the past year 2011. ” From: numbness acetate, the Open: Peace Baghdadi