Next 2 days CBI to double quotas transferred by companies and foreign currency banking

reliable financial source revealed, Wednesday, that the central bank will double during the next two days, the share of money transfer companies and foreign currency banking.

The source told “obelisk” that “is heading the Central Bank of Iraq to double the quota of companies financial and banking transformation of foreign currency weakness,” adding that “the application of this directive will be during the next two days, and will include doubling companies are committed to the instructions of the bank.”

The Iraqi market has witnessed a major upheaval for weeks in the price of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar as the sale price of one dollar to 1280 dinars.

The Central Bank of Iraq, issued Sunday the 24 March, new regulations for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, whereby the share weekly for the banks to sell cash dollar four million dollars is subject to increase and decrease, while the share of money transfer companies $ 150 thousand for companies that their capital 45 billion dinars , and 100 thousand dollars for companies with capital of less than that.

It showed FAQ regarding companies broker for buying and selling currencies that share the weekly 50 thousand dollars to companies with a capital of 500 million dollars, and 25 thousand dollars for companies less than that, and buying and selling a foreign currency for the money transfer companies and companies broker for buying and selling foreign currency through banks approved in Iraq.