Central Bank launches retail project payment through Mobile

Central Bank launches retail project payment through Mobile

11:18 2013-04-02

BAGHDAD – babysit – Central Bank of Iraq, for the launch of the retail payment through Mobile, calling 30 international companies to submit bids for the project implementation.
The bank said in a statement issued, “it was launching a project to develop payment retail through the establishment of divided national platform and reciprocity to pay Palmobail,” noting that “the project comes in the framework of developing the banking industry in Iraq and add new tools and advanced in the field of electronic payments.”

The bank called “more than 30 international companies specialized in this area to participate in the bidding for the implementation of this national project,” noting that “the bank will use the best international companies to implement the project in accordance with international standards in the areas of retail payment.”

The retail payment system provides mutual Iraqi mobile phone opportunity for Iraqi banks and mobile network operators to lead the world wide access to the most modern integrated tools and sophisticated cash payments.

It will be the benefits of the proposed system more visible to ordinary Iraqis by providing banking services to the global system for mobile communications mobile (GMS), which is designed this system to ensure the possibility of using the simplest mobile phones a GSM to provide banking services advanced to ensure that banking services available to anyone in any place At any time … p / i