MP and Finance Committee Member Faizullah: The likely return of the exchange rate of IQD against USD to normal

Baghdad (news) .. Likely Vice President Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Ahmed Faizullah, the return of Iraqi dinar exchange rate to the price of natural versus the U.S. dollar, the requirement to take the central bank procedures necessary and the use of international expertise to support the national currency.

said Faizullah (of the Agency news): The country is suffering from floundering his policy monetary and economic terms that the money that goes out of the country for imports more than the money that comes to the country from oil sales, etc., in addition to there other funds wasted in various ways.

added: that the central bank must take its measures necessary to recover the value of the Iraqi dinar to natural rate against the U.S. dollar, and the use of international expertise should benefit from the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund to support the national currency.