Lower central bank sales of the dollar does not affect the national economy

MP Moussawi: lower central bank sales of the dollar does not affect the national economy

Date: 03/01/2013 12:37:20 Friday

Baghdad (news) .. Rule out a member of the Economic Committee, MP / National Alliance / Salman al-Moussawi, the impact of lower central bank sales of dollars in the auction on the national economy.
Moussawi said (of the Agency news): The subject of buying and selling foreign currency in the market central bank auction is subject to supply and demand, any are selling currencies according to market need it, and this is a good sign because it will reduce the smuggling and money laundering.

He added: that the Commission economy parliamentary seen the actions taken by the central bank to sell the dollar, they are routine procedures and necessary to support the national currency, indicating that it contains conditions and certain controls must be provided in the companies and the banks registered in the auction, by offering to provide documents and leaves to gain access to auction market.

He pointed out: that reducing central bank sales of dollars during the past few days is a deliberate process and not have a significant impact on the national economy.

He had said Iraqi Central Bank Governor agency Abdul Basit Turki, the drop in demand for dollar during the past few days came for many reasons, including tighter audit of the bank on the paperwork for sources to buy the currency and this does not mean a decline in sales on a daily basis, where it is possible to see tomorrow’s meeting a rise in demand.

The sales CBI dollar, seen at an auction last Tuesday, on the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, fell sharply, reaching sales 82,540,000 million, compared with 117,497,000 million recorded in the previous meeting, a decrease of up to 44%. / Finished / 8. n. p /