Senior Iraqi official who earns 800 thousand dollars a day from the central bank?!!

Senior Iraqi official who earns 800 thousand dollars a day from the central bank?!!


Palm – accused the House of Representatives a senior official of profiting from the central bank auction sales of foreign currency over the three months prior to raise the issue of the bank.

The MP said Qassim al-Araji, said there is a large warheads benefiting from central bank scandal case and pointed out that a senior official was earning about 800 thousand dollars a day from bidders central bank for foreign currency during the last three months leading up to raise the issue of the bank.

Araji said that investigations in the case of the central bank faced بضغوطات sharp Tsuifaa and cover them up to the extent of haggling over the linked issues of similar such deal Russian arms, warning at the same time attempts to corner the case file the Central Bank in Listing closed to keep suspicions about headers beneficiary major, he says .

And raised the issue of the Iraqi Central Bank considerable debate in political circles, and there were accusations of multiple corruption affected politicians from abuse blocs, accused the political blocs Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki fabricating the case for control of the central bank, which is one of the most independent bodies ten in Iraq and of the supervisory House of Representatives.

The Supreme Judicial Council issued in October last arrest warrant against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, who was in Tokyo, and a number of its officials, including his deputy, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh of corruption which was released recently on bail.

The House of Representatives announced the formation of a committee to investigate the repercussions of the central bank, included the Chairman of the Finance Committee Haider Abadi, and Chairman of the Economic Committee Ahmed al-Alwani and Governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki agency and under the direct supervision of the board of the presidency of the parliament.