The central bank adviser criticizes the launch of the 100 salary advance and described the failed policy

Monday, March 26 / March 2012 15:15

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates criticized the appearance of the central bank adviser Mohammed Rashid Bank to launch the 100 salary advance, calling it it a failed policy.

The Rasheed Bank has launched the 100 salary advance to state employees the benefits of a simple center of resentment by some employees for not including them in Balslfah.

Mohammed told the News} {Euphrates on Monday that “the launch of the 100 salary advance without there being specific conditions of the beneficiaries of such loans is not a deliberate policy.”

“The number of employees in Iraq is about three million and 700 thousand employees Can the government banks to cover such a large number.”

He said that Mohammed “should be placed certain terms and conditions of the beneficiaries of these loans as if the years of service or the number of children and the other because it left uncontrolled will open the door to favoritism and corruption in the process of granting loans.” Ended 2