Newly Appointed Governor of CBI has not yet determined

She said the parliamentary Finance Committee that the issue of the appointment of the Governor of the Central Bank has not yet determined because of the political pressure. Committee member said Haitham al-Jubouri that “the situation is confused and demonstrations in a number of provinces affected the work of the House of Representatives and the government and that efforts Ttgha to discuss and meet the demands of the demonstrators.”

He added that he “was put names to fill the position during the past few months, but the decision on the matter is turned off due to political pressure, and put the issue now is useless.”

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and a group of employees accused get out on bail and some of them remained under investigation. And still photographs are important not arrested two Shabibi central bank governor and Fouzia Kadhim Chairperson of the Committee on Bank auction, which was at the head of corruption, according to investigations of the Commission and the Integrity Commission.