CBI launches electronic network connectivity information Auction

BAGHDAD / obelisk: CBI announced, Thursday, on the implementation of the steps the electronic linking of information daily auction of foreign currency between institutions Bank and the Ministry of Finance and the General Authority for taxes.

The governor of the Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for “obelisk”, “The World Bank approved the plan in order to ensure the highest degree of coordination between the concerned authorities for the accuracy of the information that is presented for the purposes of the balance of payments.”

Turki added that “implementation will contribute to make the required database between these institutions are available, moment by moment, thus ensuring transparency and fairness in dealing,” adding that “the implementation of the plan will begin on Thursday.”

The central bank held the Iraqi weekly auction of five meetings for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale and transfers of about 13 dinars per dollar.