process of selling the currency at the Central Bank has not changed for Shabibi

Finance Committee: the process of selling the currency at the Central Bank has not changed for the Shabibi


BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Knesset Finance Committee, that the process of selling the currency at the Central Bank has not changed for the article’s central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.
Committee member said the Iraqi List MP Ibrahim al-Mutlaq’s / JD /: The sale of hard currency, and remittances in the central bank did not change, and did not touch a new, namely, the same as they were in the time of the province of the Central Bank of the article, Sinan Shabibi, and his deputy, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.
added Mutlaq, that the previous mechanism still followed did not notice any effect, after uproar media fabricated on Shabibi in that period.
and MP for the Iraqi List,: The actions that affected the central bank at the time of Shabibi is “very same Jacob.”
It was the central bank governor article Shabibi had demanded all documents which accused him of the Integrity Commission to money laundering to respond.
Shabibi said defying’s / JD /: I demand the documents and books that refer to Torti money laundering in order to answer.
revealed Shabibi he would respond to all charges against him, and prove his innocence, reports suspicious issued against him, stressing that the days next witness detect all the facts.
mentions that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the background of suspicions of money.
According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both of the heads of the two financial, economic and BSA under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail : that investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.
mentions that the Cabinet decided to assign Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position central bank governor and agency, with the issuance of the Judicial Council arrest warrant against the central bank governor Previous and a number of officials in corruption cases.
revealed member Parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi that Abdel Basset Turki has prepared the report that has underpinned Parliament’s Committee in accusing the central bank governor.
said Tamimi in an earlier statement / JD /: The reports that accused the bank governor Central Shabibi and a number of officials and employees of the bank came as reports prepared by Abdul Basit Turki, who took acting governor of the bank, succeeding Hbibi, and provided to financial control.
noteworthy that Magda Tamimi a Standing Committee members within the Knesset Finance to monitor and follow up the work’s central bank.
objected placeholders on procedures intense taken then cordoned off the central bank by the security forces to implement the arrest warrant against the bank’s employees accused of corruption according to the results of the report prepared by the Committee which was formed by the presidency of the parliament.
and wished Tamimi that those who have been arrested already corrupt, may not be among them innocent, and this measure will affect the social and professional reputations.
they noted with the judiciary and the legal procedures but not to promote the media and then issued arrest warrants. / end / 11 n